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A New Denim Trade Show Touches Down in Japan

The country known for inspiring designers like Denham the Jeanmaker and 3×1’s Scott Morrison is the latest destination for the international trade show Denimandjeans.

The trade show will host its first event in Japan March 4-5, 2020, at Sunshine City, Tokyo.

Denimandjeans Japan will primarily focus on technology and aims to make the show an innovation hub with its theme #DesignedInnovation. The event will showcase 40 exhibitors representing various areas of the denim production process. Attendees will share insight on design innovation, sustainability and other topics surrounding the denim and sportswear industries.

“We are looking at creating a niche show in Japan where we can aggregate the best innovators in the denim and related sportswear industry to showcase the latest products to discerning local and international visitors,” Denimandjeans founder Sandeep Agarwal said. “We expect our exhibitors to bring their latest innovations which not only add function but also a design appeal for the consumers. And when we say ‘design innovation,’ the sustainability aspect is always one key component.”

Japan is a key market for denim. Japan’s citizenry is among the largest consumers of denim globally with more than 1.3 jeans per person as per estimations, and the country imports more than 179 million pairs of jeans annually, Denimandjeans reported.

Agarwal launched Denimandjeans in 2007 as a global resource for B2B denim news, reports and analysis. Since then, the company has held a number of conferences and fairs around the world. In 2014, Denimandjeans launched its first trade show in Bangladesh, followed by shows in Vietnam and India.