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Kingpins to Host Students-Only Conference on Denim Supply Chain in London

Radical change begins with proper education. That’s the concept behind Kingpin’s newest conference that connects fashion students with leaders in sustainable denim.

Held on Oct. 18 at Ravensbourne University in London, Transformers: Ed is the first annual conference that educates fashion students on the inefficiencies and threats facing the denim supply chain.

The event will spotlight solutions being created by leading members of the denim community and explain opportunities for improvement and innovation—because, according to Kingpins Transformers and Kingpins Show founder Andrew Olah, hope for a more sustainable industry lies in the younger generations.

“I have always been passionate about education and engaging with young people who will enter the denim industry and hopefully change it for the better,” he said in a statement. “If we want to push the denim industry toward the radical change that is necessary to make us sustainable and transparent, we—as an industry—must actively engage with students, educate them, provide them with insights and support them as they enter the industry. I taught a denim course at FIT for 15 years with that goal. ED is our attempt at doing the same thing on a larger scale.”

There are 15 confirmed speakers for the event, including Denim History’s Mohsin Sajid, who’s hosting the show; Kerry Bannigan of Conscious Fashion Campaign; Miguel Sanchez of Gavilan; Michael Kininmonth of Lenzing; Helen Latham of The Lycra Company; Alberto Candiani of Candiani Denim; Alice Tonello of Tonello; Steve Kenzie of the United Nations Global Compact; Bilgehan ‘Han’ Ates of Blackhorse Lane Atelier; graphics branding expert Nick Williams; Simon Beachus of KingsXCross Distribution; Sanjeev Bahl of Saitex; Jakob Krzysko of DyStar; and Rowan Hunt of Debenhams.

The one-day event is sponsored by Tencel, Saitex and FibreTrace, and is exclusively open to students and members of the press.

Following the Ed event, Kingpins Transformers: Catalysts will be held in Amsterdam on Oct. 22 and feature makers of new and sustainable fibers, pigments and chemicals.