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Milan Design Week Showcases Innovations in Denim

Ever wondered what denim sounds like?

Attendees of Milan Design Week, running this week from Tuesday to Sunday, will have the opportunity to find out thanks to Isko, which is launching its Denim Sound Textures exhibition at the show. The interactive display seeks to showcase the textile’s “surprising multi-sensoriality” through visual, tactile—and yes, even auditory experiences, the brand said in a statement.

Isko’s goal in providing this “fully immersive” exhibit was to highlight its 10 proprietary denim technologies, which include innovations like Isko Blue Skin, a fast-drying, lightweight denim developed with surf brand O’Neill for its board shorts, as well as Isko Reform, a formulation used by Madewell that “shapes, defines and flatters with outstanding recovery.”

Composer and sound designer Chiara Luzzana researched the properties of each denim and used instruments like a violin bow and a stethoscope microphone to brush or manipulate the fabric. The artist claimed the “specific sound vibrations” evoke each material’s unique characteristics. As a companion piece to the installations, Isko’s coterie of brand partners (which include Hugo, Taylor Stitch and 7 For All Mankind) provided commentary on the different technologies.

DWA Design Studio also worked with Isko to create interactive sculptural installations, which attendees are encouraged to touch and feel as a part of the experience.

Inside the Denim Sound Textures exhibit. Courtesy

“We are constantly pushing the boundaries of what denim means to people,” Isko brand director Fabio Di Liberto said in a statement. The Denim Sound Textures display at the Salone dei Tessuti will run through April 13.

At Piazza Mentana, Candiani Denim debuted a collaboration with Dondup, a premium denim brand, and Busnelli, a leader in modern Italian furniture design.

Candiani’s Denim D/zero formulation (created exclusively for Dondup using certified green washing and finishing techniques) was used to upholster two of Busnelli’s chairs, cult favorites among furniture aficionados. One of the designs, called the Fiocco, is a part of the MoMA’s permanent collection in New York.

In a statement from the brand’s website, Busnelli called the collaboration a “whimsical review” to its iconic designs. The brand added that Candiani’s “energy and creative freshness” have made the brand a pioneer in the “panorama of eco-sustainable textile production.”

The Candiani display will be open through April 14.