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One Force Behind the Kingpins Show Shares Her Story

There are a lot of people behind making the denim industry’s magic happen.

One of them is Vivian Wang, managing director and global sales at Olah Inc, who helps lead the charge on building one of the denim industry’s premier events, Kingpins.

“Vivian came on to help us with our Los Angeles show in 2006. We had just launched the Kingpins Show in New York in 2004, so essentially we learned all about building a successful trade show together. Since then, Vivian has been instrumental in helping to build the show to what it is now, the biggest denim sourcing show in the world with editions in New York, Amsterdam, Hong Kong and China,” Kingpins founder Andrew Olah said. “Now Vivian leads our Kingpins Asia efforts, where she has been instrumental in growing our Hong Kong show, which is celebrating 10 years in 2019, and launching our Kingpins China City Tour in 2016 as well as a companion consumer-facing denim festival for the Chinese market–which is back this September for the second edition.”

Carved in Blue caught up with Vivian to find out how key her role is to what Kingpins does.

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