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Premiere Vision Returns in February with Online-Only Event

Première Vision Paris announced this week it will hold a digital show for its February edition, presaging continued health and social distancing guidelines on a global scale.

The digital show, a week-long event running from Feb. 15-19, 2021, is centered around a digital catalog of yarns, fibers, fabrics, accessories, components and more. And in the tradition of its in-person events, Première Vision will provide virtual forums and webinars on seasonal topics in fashion and color as well as sustainability and innovation.

Première Vision began to dabble in digital-only events during the second half of 2020. In November, the organizer introduced Digital Denim Week, an online alternative to Denim Première Vision. In September, it held the Première Vision Paris Digital Show, which drew 16,500 unique visitors from nearly 120 countries.

While a recovery seems to be taking shape on the horizon, aided by the arrival of coronavirus vaccines, Première Vision managing director Gilles Lasbordes said the industry’s digital transformation is entering a new phase, thanks to a widespread embrace of digital communication.

The February digital event will introduce an enhanced Première Vision Marketplace to help brands and suppliers strengthen their online interactions. The Marketplace will offer more efficient customer-exhibitor communication tools to improve direct contact, including the launch of video conferencing appointments to personalize meetings and presentations. Exhibitors will have the option to enhance their company’s profiles by including copy, videos and images.

In 2021, Première Vision will also roll out its new website, which will bring together all the trade shows and its Marketplace.

Première Vision, however, remains optimistic that physical trade shows still have a place in the apparel and textile business. Lasbordes said the pace of health developments will set the pace for this resumption.

“Our digital events are much richer now, and they will continue to improve and grow increasingly sophisticated,” he added. “In the meantime, they allow all industry players—buyers, creative teams, decision-makers, and of course suppliers and manufacturers—to come together, continue interacting, and work.”