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3 Street Style Tricks That Stand Out at Fashion Week

It’s fashion week month and time for celebrities, editors, influencers and other show attendees to peacock for the flash mobs of street style photographers in New York, London, Milan and Paris.

With Insta-fame serving as a form of social currency nowadays, fashion month has become the biannual event that calls for statement-making accessories, multiple wardrobe changes in a single day and looks (literally) right off the runway. The goal? To be seen, snapped and shared.

With New York in the books and London underway, here’s a look at the top three styling tricks to stand out this fall season at fashion week.

Half and half

No matter how you dice it, black-and-white combinations are an instant statement, made more so this season with the crop of bold half-and-half garments. The runway trend has made its way to the streets with clean, minimal lines that cut a sharp look against the hustle and bustle of city streets.

As seen on the streets: Jeans with one black leg and the other cream add a trendy touch to workwear-inspired pieces. Contrast stitching enhances the positive-negative look. A drapey jumpsuit with a beige top and black bottom adds elegance, while half-and-half styles skew toward the ’80s when leather is involved. Black and beige leather is proving to be the most popular choice, done as a half-and-half jacket or as a high-waisted pleated trouser. The same concept is carried out in a green and black leather trench coat.


It’s no secret that color is driving fashion sales among millennial consumers. This summer alone saw primary colors, highlighter hues and colored denim heat up retail. And a head-to-toe colorful look is a sure-fire way to stand out in a traditionally black-clad fashion crowd.

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As seen on the street: High-vis colorways like neon green, yellow, red, cobalt blue and pink continue to illuminate city streets. And fashion week proved that there are more options than ever for how to wear the hot hues. Many are embracing wider denim silhouettes, workwear-inspired shirts and tees, adding an edgy unisex vibe to the monochromatic look. These bold looks are often paired with reptile print accessories and footwear.

Ready-to-wear is also getting a youth jolt of color. A blue turtleneck sweater is paired with slouchy blue pleated trousers. Suiting is refreshed with highlighter hues, as well as a swath of colorful sequins.  And if all else fails, find a like-minded group. Fashion week goers are traveling in monochromatic groups this time around, resulting in traffic-stopping looks.


A trend on the Spring/Summer 2020 runway and on the street, animal, floral and abstract prints earn their keep at fashion week.

As seen on the street: The boldest way to wear prints at fashion week requires dedication to a single print. Matching animal-print denim sets are an effortless way to achieve the statement-making look. Other sets dial up the impact, like zebra-print tops and skirts in contrasting colorways. Fashion week goers are also executing head-to-toe tie-dye looks two ways: elegant and tailored with blazers and maxi skirts, or edgy with baggy denim and cropped jean jackets.