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4 Denim Trends to Watch for S/S 17

The last edition of Denim Première Vision told a story full of festival fun and energy with the backdrop of a mesmerizing hot desert landscape. The show’s seasonal concept, Mansion of Denim, expressed the power and status of denim as the industry prepares for Spring/Summer 2017.

Here’s a recap of four of the strongest themes for the new season.

Feather Weight Denim

Lightweight denim fabrics with a soft hand feel linked well with the comfort and flex trend. Soft tones were matched with subtle indigo colors.


Patchwork and Embroidery Details

The market trend is pushing for a return of back to the 1980’s with the re-occurrence of acid wash and irregular surface textures. Stitched badges and motifs were used for bold decoration that delivers a statement.


Patchwork and the use of patches to repair or highlight abrasion gave the jeans a two-tone color effect, which was also considered as an additional trend.

Rips, Abrasion and Fringe

Fringing was categorized into the ‘Pampa Grass’ trend that linked to the style of rips and abrasion finishing techniques used in trends ‘Dune Immersion’ and ‘Extravaganza’.


The abrasion methods used on the garments gives the denim a focus of originality, appearing as an industrial tattered workman jean. The sandy dirty colors and the deliberate imitation of dirt at the knees and thighs create a worn out style.

Two-Tone and Gradient Washes

Gradient, half wash and two-tone washes created a dramatic color contrast, especially when bleach has been used to provide a whiting tone.

A14 Denim