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Amazon and Instagram’s Role in Fashion Just Got Bigger

Fashion is constantly changing, and a large part of that is thanks to technology. Digital communities like Amazon and Instagram are fueling fashion’s evolution and changing the way it’s sold. Likewise, fit technology and digital services that allow shoppers to rent their clothes are further transforming the industry. This week, we rounded up the top denim reads that cover the intersection of fashion and technology.

Amazon Ups the Ante on Fashion

In an interview with Drapers Online, John Boumphrey, Amazon Fashion Europe’s vice president, noted Amazon’s goal of becoming synonymous with fashion. This past year, the e-commerce giant launched fashion-focused initiatives such as a “try before you buy” program, limited-edition clothing lines from partnering brands and its Destination Denim event in Berlin. Read more about its fashion quest here.

Instagram and Selfridges Have Teamed Up So You Can Shop the App IRL

Users often turn to Instagram for fashion inspiration, and now they can shop top trending styles in a physical location. The social media app partnered with department store Selfridges in London to open a pop-up store complete with eight carefully curated brands. The activation is open from Dec. 5-15 in London’s The Designer Studio on 3. Learn more here.

Op-Ed | Buy, Don’t Rent: The Virtues of Owning Clothes

By now, shoppers are aware of the repercussions of overconsumption, and clothing rental services have flooded the marketplace as a sustainable solution. However, they may not be the panacea the industry is hoping for. This op-ed details the argument against rental services. Read more here.

The Outside View: Matching People to Product Is Fashion’s Saving Grace

The benefits of fit technology are two-fold: Consumers can more easily find an appropriate size and retailers and brands can lower their return rate. Fit expert Jessica Couch explains the challenges of the technology, as well as its future potential. Read more about its effects on the industry—and specifically denim—here.