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The Best Denim Street Style at Milan Fashion Week

While denim street style in New York and London skewed toward nostalgic cuts and traditional styling, Milan Fashion Week brought out the wilder side of denim.

In Italy, fashion week goers experimented with acid washes, oversized fits, body-hugging silhouettes and revealing cutouts.

Double denim was a popular look for women. A voluminous button-down shirt—buttoned just half way—was paired with matching loose jeans. A snap-front Western shirt was worn with slouchy vintage-looking jeans, cinched with a denim jacket around the waist. Trendy footwear like clear stiletto heels and square-toe white boots kept the Canadian tuxedos feeling new and fresh.

Fashion week goers demonstrated the versatility of acid wash pleated jeans by pairing the ’80s-inspired statement piece with strapped sandals, moto vests, one-shoulder sweaters and granny boots.

Likewise, straight fit jeans and mom jeans were paired with a mix of styles that spanned ’80s shoulder blazers and turtleneck tops, to Instagram-friendly bright pink knits and satin shoes.

Others played with proportions, indicating that streetwear still has legs in women’s wear. An elongated Trucker jacket was paired with a baggy tee, loose tie-dye jeans and chunky hiker boots, while a boxy denim vest was worn over a crinkled nylon puffer coat. A billowy white top was paired with barely there chopped-out jeans.

Hints of logo mania continued. A Fila logo tee was worn under an undone button-front denim dress. Meanwhile, men continued to personalize their jean jackets with colorful nostalgic patches.