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These Are Your New Favorite Jeans, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Forget choosing denim based on fit or wash. For your next pair of jeans, all you may need to consider is your zodiac sign.

With many looking to mysticism to guide them in moments of stress and uncertainty, astrology is the latest marketing tool companies are using to connect with consumers.

Starbucks, Spotify and other consumer-facing companies have jumped on the astrology bandwagon, and fashion brands are no exception. Vetements’ zodiac-themed T-shirt collection and Uniqlo’s horoscope app have helped the brands personalize their products, engage consumers and alleviate the paradox of choice shoppers may face when making purchasing decisions.

With this in mind, Rivet compiled a list of the best denim for each zodiac sign to help guide shoppers to their perfect pair of jeans. From daring styles for fire signs to more practical designs for earth signs, your next pair of jeans could be written in the stars.