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Report: This State Has the Best Street Style

New York’s unwavering influence on fashion extends beyond the runway, according to a new index of U.S. states with the best street style by men’s wear brand BoohooMan.

Based on online search data from the last 12 months and social media engagement per state, the Boohoo Group-owned fast-fashion e-tailer’s The Street Style Index ranks the street style of all 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia against four pillars. The index is based on the number of fans per look on popular online fashion community; streetwear video views on TikTok; streetwear search interest via Google Trends; and style influence according to the number of Google searches for streetwear in each state via the SEO tool, Ahrefs.

New York maintained its title as America’s fashion capital, with the highest number of fans per look on Lookbook, with 28.93 fans per look based on 52,396 posts. It also drove the strongest search interest in streetwear on Ahrefs. 

New York generated the second-most interest via Google Trends (D.C. ranked No. 1) and the seventh highest views on Tiktok for search terms such as “New York streetwear.” The Empire State has the most Googled street style in the nation, receiving 22,150 monthly average searches, almost 10 times the search volume seen compared to any other state, according to the index.

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California ranks just behind New York with the second best street style. The Golden State drove the third highest Google Trends search interest for streetwear-related terms. It also has the second-most influential street style as the No. 2 most Googled in the U.S. with 2,230 average monthly searches. The territory home to San Francisco and Los Angeles missed out on the top spot as it was voted tenth best street style online with 13.38 fans per look across 36,346 posts.

At No. 3, Hawaii ranked high among states for online search interest in streetwear via Google Trends and Ahrefs, receiving 2,150 average monthly searches. It was voted ninth best street style online ahead of California with 14.4 fans per look based on 2,578 posts. Hawaii also ranked 20th for total views on TikTok for “Hawaii streetwear.”

New Jersey, North Carolina, Texas, D.C., Washington, Florida and Oregon rounded out the top 10 list. 

What’s trending

Always a first to try new trends, New York showed the most interest in cargo pants, a key item in Spring/Summer 2023 designer collections. In September, searches for “cargo pants” rose by 257 percent to an all-time high in the Empire State.

Bomber jackets are also on the rise. The unisex jacket is searched an estimated 156,000 times in the U.S, with New York leading the trend this season, according to the index.

Though tracksuits trended at an all-time high last winter thanks in large part to the breakout popularity of the Netflix hit “Squid Game,” the coordinates are expected to make another big comeback this year. New York staters are looking into this style moment more than anyone else in the U.S., according to Google Trends.