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The Best Street Style at Shanghai Fashion Week

Shanghai Fashion Week revealed an avant-garde approach to both Spring/Summer 2020 runway fashion and street style.

While Levi’s and Converse collaborator Feng Chen Wang mashed utilitarian with activewear, and women’s brand Lily played with masculine silhouettes, the style in the audience and outside fashion shows was just as engaging.

The city lived up to its reputation for pushing fashion boundaries with genderless silhouettes, unusual layering and apocalyptic styling.

For denim, female fashion week goers favored ankle-length black jean skirts worn with colorful silk blouses and knits. Black denim Bermuda shorts looked edgy with a black duster jacket and combat boots.

Meanwhile, men paired vintage jeans with a bright pink corduroy jacket, and light wash jean jackets with wide-leg jeans were worn loosely over basic white tees.

Fashion took a sci-fi direction. Blazers with strong shoulders, metallic pants, one-sleeve tops and transparent garments brought a futuristic vibe to street style.

Accessories took a leading role. Chunky, hiker-inspired footwear, square toe boots and loafers, and square-shaped heels grounded looks. Jewelry ran the gamut from silver pendant necklaces and simple chokers, to DYI necklaces fashioned out of nostalgic children’s toys. Glasses were reflective and colorful.

Belts featured upsized hardware, or several were worn at once, while belt bags continued to serve both a fashionable and functional purpose.