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Better Basics and the Metaverse Influence Trim Trends at Munich Fabric Start

Even trims cannot escape the effects that the pandemic, war and climate change have on fashion.

Fall/Winter 2023-2024 labels, zippers, tags, buttons and more that reflect the current state of fashion were presented at Munich Fabric Start last week. Whereas its sister denim show, Bluezone, offered trends tied to denim’s heritage and its newfound stage on the catwalk, Munich Fabric Start provided a macro overview on what’s next in trims.

Ecological and social sustainability are becoming key factors in all fields, especially for young customers. 

“They started turning their backs on overcrowded cities, taking action against the effects of climate change, and finding new ways of living together,” the show said. 

As a result, pragmatic factors like price and convenience are taking a “back seat” to trims that have a positive or neutral effect on the environment. The demand for “better basics” allows for more versatile products produced locally and transparently. It is also promoting designs that will “increasingly become timeless” and can be repaired over time. 

Escapism continues to flourish in fashion. For F/W 23-24, trim manufacturers are looking to the snow apparel and apres-ski fashion categories for inspiration. 

“Dream-like mountain landscapes inspire the color scheme with a bold, imaginative aesthetic,” the show said. Strong colors and tactile materials like rubberized or laser-cut surfaces help tell the visual story. These qualities are especially important to appeal to consumers in an online retail environment.

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Fashion’s foray into the metaverse is inspiring colorful and youth-driven trims. The “immersive qualities of IRL and URL result in a novel, outlandish aesthetic,” the show said. Trims take on a dreamy state with holographic, pearlescent and iridescent effects. Surfaces have a liquid-like look with high-shine metallics. Rhinestones decorate mesh. Button surfaces mimic the appearance of celestial bodies.  

“The new way of consuming digital fashion is both surprising and exciting, and ultimately provides a joyful experience,” the show said.