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Chinese New Year-Themed Clothing to Celebrate the Year of the Ox

The Chinese zodiac has become a yearly fashion staple for designers and shoppers alike. Burberry, Coach and other top names in the industry were met with success when they dropped Lunar New Year collections in the past.

Now, those names and more are back to celebrate the Year of the Ox. According to the Chinese zodiac, those with an ox archetype (born in 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009 or 2021) are dependable, strong and determined. Whether you’re an ox or you just want to celebrate 2021 (and the end of 2020), you may want to pick up one of these themed fashion pieces to mark the moment.


Wear your ox subtly with this Chinese New Year denim jacket from Diesel. Featuring a ’70s-inspired vintage silhouette, this unisex jacket includes a leather logo patch on the back and a crest on the front showcasing the collection’s special ox graphic.

Diesel jacket
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Exercise requires the determination of an ox. Wear this Adidas graphic T-shirt with the ox featured loudly over the traditional Adidas logo, and channel its strength.

Adidas T-shirt
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Naked & Famous

Celebrate your year with these Indigo Chinese New Year Gold Ox Super Guy Jeans from Canadian denim brand Naked & Famous, complete with metallic accents nodding to the year of the “metal” ox. The jeans include a metallic gold-and-red-stitched coin pocket, as well as a leather back patch featuring a metallic ox graphic.

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Naked & Famous jeans
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Skateboard brand Huf debuted a line of ox-themed apparel, including this Year of the Ox Pullover Hoodie. With an artistic sketch of an ox featured on both the front and back, this black hoodie got an upgrade for 2021.

Huf hoodie
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Retailing for upwards of $700, these Evisu jeans are anything but ordinary. They may seem unassuming in the front, but the back depicts a colorful display of Lunar New Year celebrations. The back includes Daicock embroidery of festive icons such as the gold ox, Ebisu Godhead, holding the “Year of the Ox” Kanji flag, as well as a red wheat bag with coins to represent good luck.

Evisu jeans
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Emporio Armani

Invest in a designer piece like this Emporio Armani sweatshirt without the full commitment. The ox graphic exists on a removable Velcro patch that can be swapped with the brand’s iconic eagle once the festivities are over.

Emporio Armani sweatshirt
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Coach merged its famous monogram with an “ox and carriage” for a unique take on the Lunar New Year. The shirt also features red flowers to coincide with the holiday’s traditional red-and-gold color palette.

Coach T-shirt
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In addition to its ox-themed denim jacket, Diesel also included a series of T-shirts in its Lunar New Year line. The unisex style is available in white, purple or black, and features an ox head graphic on the front.

Diesel T-shirt
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Stand out in a festive skirt displaying an artful ox illustration on the front and back. The print is also available on 91 other Redbubble products, including T-shirts, leggings, hoodies and more.

Redbubble skirt
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Old Glory

A more affordable option is this ox-themed T-shirt from Old Glory, available in pink with a purple logo on the front.

Old Glory T-shirt
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