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3 Denim Trends to Know for Spring/Summer ’19

Denim will break free from its old blue ways for Spring/Summer ’19.

The trends forecasted by trade shows like Kingpins, Denim Premiere Vision and Bluezone reveal a season that collectively embraces energetic color, new shapes and playful embellishments.

Here’s a look at three overarching denim and fashion themes to look for in the new year.

Big picture

Based on trends at Bluezone, the first half of 2019 will be ruled by exaggerated shapes made with mid-weights and 100 percent cotton fabrications. Jeans are pumped up, baggy and balloon-like with pleats and open edges. Tops and outerwear, including drop shoulder tops, indigo fleece tops, multi-layered jean jackets and kimono-style jackets offer versatile, unisex options.

Ultra-soft fabrications made with modal, viscose and tri-blends lend themselves well to the volume trend, too. The fibers add a billowy effect to the generous proportions. Denim Premiere Vision highlighted bottoms with “well-placed fullness” and bell hems for shape. Pant legs are extra-long, allowing for dramatic turn ups. Jean jackets and button-down shirts are boxy and short.

Tinges of pastel hues, sunset gradations and airbrush effects enhance garments’ softness. Hints of color add contour. Soft metallic, delicate iridescent and pearlescent effects add shimmer. The look is fresh and toned down.

The soothing, dream-like theme is carried into trims, which sees an uptick in blush colors for men and women, according to trends at Denim Premiere Vision. Contemporary pastels and transparent materials are also important. Wispy elements of tulle, embossed plastics, cut-out labels, tracing paper and muslin enhance these styles.

Trash and flash

Spring/Summer ’19 also invites designers to have artistic license. At Kingpins, items like the rave pant and combat jacket made bold and aggressive statements. The theme story on lots of darks, faded blacks and dark indigo with pops of silver, neon slime green, red and bubblegum pink. Lacing and other subversive styling tricks, like ring closures and belting, drive home the edgy S&M look.

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Body conscious, low-rise jeans also make a comeback, along with romantic ruffles, corseting and nipped-in waists. Metallic and shine fit into the slinky look, too. Kingpins stressed the importance of feminine crystal and rhinestone embellishment, while at Bluezone, dense glitter, gold foil (plain or embossed) and polished hardware added a glam rock feel to women’s denim pieces.

Astro dyes, twisted colors, rainbow button holes and jacquards in unconventional hues were some of the ways Denim Premiere Vision says designers should inject surprise and trend in Spring/Summer ’19 denim. Floral embroideries, brilliant holograms and coating for labels and fabrics inject a sense of joyfulness to denim fashion. Meanwhile, playful trims like contrasting zipper tape, gemstone and crystals kept the garment fun and targeted to the Juniors category.

Street beat

Whether you label it Dadcore, normcore or simply streetwear, the edgy, youth-driven denim styles inspired from workwear and outdoor categories take on a quirky, tongue-in-cheek look for Spring/Summer ’19.

The trend draws inspiration from the mundane, Kingpins reported, by focusing on odd proportions, ironic logos and simpleton styling. Silos are basics—think five-pocket jeans, blazers, T-shirts and clunky sneakers.

However, the look can go in one of two ways: playfully dull, or colorful and cartoon-like.

Uniform pieces like Dickies jackets and buttoned-up shirts are done up in drab colors like khaki and brown, while Dad jeans stay in the orange-peel, open-end family. Or, expect to see pieces like bib and brace overalls, two-tone work shirts and garage attendant coveralls in bold colorways like pink, yellow and red.