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Utility and Neutral Colors Top Edited’s Best-Performing Fall Trends

The pandemic didn’t stop consumers from indulging in new fashion items this fall, but it did influence what they purchased. Fall fashion trends reflected the needs of the once-again homebound consumer, with categories such as sleepwear and loungewear emerging as the “pandemic heroes” as parts of the world returned to a second state of lockdown.

There was more to fall fashion, however, than sweats.

Retail market intelligence platform Edited called out key pieces outside of these categories that have also seen widespread success during the second half of the year. Despite the uncertainties and financial stress tied to the pandemic, consumers are turning to fashion as a shortcut to happiness—and they’re seeking out specific items to get there.

The utility theme is directly tied to periods of unrest, making it fitting that many of the current trending items fall into this category. Edited reported that combat boots are a top footwear style for fall, with “tough” silhouettes destined to continue through 2021. The item has seen full price sellouts at retailers such as And Other Stories and H&M.

Shackets are another survivalist-inspired trend that has taken over during the colder months, and both men and women are getting on board. The most popular styles include plaid prints made of wool with deep pockets and ergonomic details.

Similarly, puffer jackets were another form of practical outerwear, with basic, sustainable styles the top choice for fall. The number of new styles selling out in 2020 exceeded last year by 74 percent. Recycled polyester and down were some of the most popular materials, and neutral hues—another top fall trend—were the preferred color palette.

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Though black is the top-performing shade across the board, neutrals earned second place for women’s apparel, comprising 22 percent of sell-outs. The calming palette is also catching on for men, with sell-outs up 27 percent from last year.

Dark and earth-toned colors were a hit within the leather and pleather markets, as documented by the slew of celebrities and fashion influencers photographed wearing chocolate-toned, leather-inspired styles on their Instagram pages. Edited recommends retailers stock up on the trend for the coming year, and especially place a heavy emphasis on vegan materials.

Cardigans and turtleneck sweatshirts are also top trends for the season, as they’re both easy ways to elevate a sweater. Cardigans specifically fall into the “Dark Academia” trend established at the beginning of the year, and V-neck styles were especially popular in the luxury space for Spring 2021. Sell outs were up 74 percent and 90 percent for women compared to last year.

Bodysuits are another way to casually elevate a home-bound outfit. Edited reported a 5 percent increase in sell outs compared to last year, with ribbed, sleeveless, seamless and ruched styles taking the lead.

The defining item of 2020, face masks are expected to sustain their popularity well into 2021. Edited highlighted a number of opportunities for retailers to offer styles that consumers are demanding, such as mascne-fighting materials and breathable qualities for everyday wear.