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Fashion Week Goers Flaunt Their Personal Style with Face Masks

The debate on face masks took a wild turn last week as U.S. President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump contracted Covid-19 after months of questioning the effectiveness of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommendations. Model citizens, however, did their part to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus at fashion weeks around the globe by masking up. And in the process, they added heaps of sartorial swagger and personality to fashion week street style that was otherwise toned down compared to seasons past.

As trend forecasts have predicted, stylish face masks were a must-have at fashion weeks on both sides of the Atlantic.

In New York at the Alice & Olivia  presentation, attendees captured the quirky essence of the brand by wearing masks with its signature “Staceface” motif named after founder Stacey Bendet. Others opted for face masks made with fabrics that pop on Instagram, including masks featuring pink flamingos, vibrant florals and crystal mesh.

While many sported solid navy, white and black cloth masks in Europe, several fashion week goers stepped out in masks that matched their outfits. A pink-and-black floral mask coordinated with an embroidered leather jacket. A classic navy-and-white striped mask was an elevated choice for a classic blazer look.

Dip-dyed fabrics and those made with African wax prints reflected the growing interest in fashion with artisan roots. An abstract cross-hatch print mask was layered with embroidery, adding depth and texture to the subtle statement piece.

Liberty floral prints as well as multi-color paisley prints were in line with the DIY and crafter aesthetic popularized earlier this year as people began to fashion their own makeshift face coverings. Mask makers have refined this style by adding color-contrasting trim and ear loops.

Beaded mask chains were a novel addition to some show attendees’ looks, with chains toeing the line between handmade and costume jewelry.

And in the spirit of novelty, one fashion week goer took a new and literal approach to wearing animal prints: a mask with a photo-real image of a tiger’s mouth.