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How Fitness is Changing Denim

Though it would have been hard to believe ten years ago, a wearable pedometer is the new hot accessory and Nike is the new casualwear.

Isko hosted a panel on Tuesday in New York City, covering the effect fitness has had on fashion. Panelists included Kutay Saritosun, Isko senior marketing executive; Rana Sidahmed, global creative director, Avery Dennison RBIS; Vanessa Packer, owner, ModelFIT; and Jac Cameron, co-founder and design director, AYR.

Saritosun laid out the changes that have occurred in the denim market in numbers. He explained that in 2015, 550 million pairs of jeans were sold. From this number, two percent of jeans were sold at a super premium price point, which was down from four percent in 2014. Saritosun said that this decline marks a shift into the athleisure market.

For both men and women, athleisure is taking market share away from premium. In the men’s market, the change can also be attributed to increasing fashion-consciousness, and the ushering in of street style, which popularized items like hoodies and sweatpants.

Packer emphasized the lifestyle impact of fitness, “It’s become such a way of people socializing and meeting up with friends, and it’s become where they spend their money or where they spend their time post-work or pre-work, and they want to look good.”

She explained that there has been an influx of activewear brands that are showing pieces that look more like something you would wear to dinner than to sweat, allowing these pieces to transition for all-day wear.

Saritosun said, “Being active was previously a hobby, now it has become a lifestyle and when something becomes a lifestyle, it changes all facets of the economy.”