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Is Denim’s History Enough to Keep It Alive?

Is denim dying, or is it the go-to look for the supermodel elite? This week, we rounded up denim reads on all sides of the debate, with some noticing—and hoping for—denim’s decline, and others arguing that its appeal will remain one of fashion’s few constants. Despite the differences in opinion, each of these articles share one common theme: People feel strongly about denim.

The Death of Denim

While Vice notes denim will always be a staple in people’s wardrobes, it claims the fabric’s popularity among modern men is on the decline. The publication attributed it to society’s evolution of what it means to be a man. While denim was originally worn by the likes of workers, rockers and bikers as a symbol of masculinity, that concept is starting to change. Read more here.

Joan Collins Continues Her War on Denim

English actress Joan Collins has publicly denounced jeans for years—despite launching her own denim line in the ’80s—and recently shot them down again in an interview with Vogue. According to Collins, denim has become mainstream and has moved too far from its counterculture roots. Read more about her strong stance on denim here.

On the Hunt in Tokyo for ‘Authentic’ Denim

Jeans may have originated in America, but, according to some, they were perfected in Japan. It all started when jeans were brought into Japan in World War II, where they were bartered by American soldiers. Ever since, the region has been dedicated to making Japanese denim that holds up well through the endless cycle of fashion. Learn more about its global history here.

Kendall Jenner Has Mastered the Art of the ‘Non-Fashion’ Fashion Jean

With access to a limitless wardrobe of designer goods, Kendall Jenner—and other supermodel legends before her—often chooses to step out in no-frills denim. Over the years, Jenner, Elle Macpherson, Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford and a slew of others have been photographed in similar high-rise, light-wash, relaxed-fit denim that subtly celebrates their model figures. Learn more about the supermodel uniform here.