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Kingpins Introduces New Conference Concept

The Kingpins Show organizers and House of Denim are teaming up to create Kingpins 2029, The Transformers, a new education forum for the denim community.

The new conference concept, set to take place April 17 as part of Amsterdam Denim Days, will represent members of the denim community that are committed to creating, implementing and sharing the changes that need to happen in the jeans industry to make it more environmentally viable, socially responsible and financially sound by 2029.

Kingpins and The Transformers founder Andrew Olah said if the jeans industry wants to exist in 2029, it must undergo a sea of change. “The Transformers are those along the supply chain that recognize that we must evolve and invent new and better ways to do everything from making dye stuffs to making fibers, weaving fabrics to laundering and finishing and everything in between,” he explained.

A selection of forward-thinking companies along the denim supply chain will present their concepts for change in their specific areas of focus, including fibers, fabrics and finishings. Then the panel will end with conclusions and industry suggestions——all with input and interaction from an audience of denim professionals.

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The inaugural event will also include, “The Transformers — Denim, Jeans and Water,” a two-part panel discussion on the topic of water usage in the production process of denim. As House of Denim co-founder Mariette Hoitink noted, a pair of jeans requires a huge amount of water in all stages of the manufacturing process.

“Transformers are those who offer us new technologies and alternative practices to significantly reduce the jean industry’s water usage. We must actively pursue, explore and develop these techniques,” Hoitink said.

Amsterdam Denim Days 2015 is scheduled for April 13-18. Kingpins Show will take place April 15-16. Blueprint, the Amsterdam Denim Days event organized by Modefabriek trade show, will take place on April 17-18. Seminars will be held April 17 for professionals and on April 18 for consumers.

Participating companies include: Archroma, Garmon/The Italian Job, Dystar, Crailar, Jeanologia, Bayer, E3, Karl Mayer, Lenzing, Candiani Denim, ITV Denim, Saltex, Royo and Invista.