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It’s Officially Tartan Season, According to Lyst

The latest data drop by global fashion search platform Lyst offers some clues about the items high on holiday wish lists.

Last winter’s teddy jacket trend is evolving. Searches for “teddy bag” and “shearling bag” are currently trending worldwide. Lyst reported they are collectively up 73 percent month-on-month.

One of the most-wanted styles is the oversized fleece teddy exterior clutch by Cos. The sold-out $115 clutch saw a 19 percent increase in page views since the start of December.

Online searches for tartan pieces have increased 29 percent this month, Lyst reported, as consumers settle into a festive mood. Demand for “tartan face masks” in particular, is rising. Searches for the practical accessory is up 33 percent month-on-month, indicating that consumers are putting safety before holiday frocks and kitschy sweaters this season.

Meanwhile, following the release of Taylor Swift’s new album “Evermore,” Lyst said searches for coats including the term “plaid” jumped 49 percent in one day. The spike was likely inspired by album’s Cottagecore cover image, which shows Swift standing in a field dressed in a plaid coat with her hair braided. The featured coat—a $2,857 autumnal-hued wool coat by Stella McCartney—is currently sold out.

Intrigue in cozy and traditional prints, however, hasn’t entirely replaced consumers’ interest in holiday glitz. Searches for “party shoes” increased 20 percent compared to a week before, with Amina Muaddi’s collaboration with A$AP Rocky’s creative collective, AWGE, in high demand, Lyst reported.

The allure of sparkles is reflected in the uptick of searches for jewelry as well. Compared to the same season last year, demand for jewelry has increased 13 percent with necklaces and earrings amongst the most-wanted categories, Lyst reported.

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And with many more holiday gatherings taking place over video conferencing this year, consumers are focusing their searches on pieces that will add a wow factor to their top half. Lyst noted that searches for statement earrings are up 37 percent month-on-month. Shoppers are also looking for festive headbands, with searches including “jewelled” rising 43 percent quarter-on-quarter.

Online shoppers are also looking for vintage jewelry. Be it a move to be more sustainable, or a signal that consumers find value in making unique and perhaps sentimental purchases, Lyst said searches for vintage jewelry are up 20 percent compared to the same season last year. Watches, rings and necklaces are among the most-wanted pieces.

Demand for vintage, in general, continues to climb. Searches with the keywords “vintage” and “second hand” in the past month have collectively increased 40 percent year-on-year. Handbags, which tend to have a strong resale rate, remain the most-wanted category, Lyst noted.