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Lyst Data Shows Consumers’ Thirst for Summer and Fashion

Vacations may be on hold and local beaches may be closed, but consumers are preparing for the summer ahead with seasonal statement pieces—even if it’s fashion that never leaves their backyard.

Recent data from global fashion search platform Lyst show that global shoppers are seeking ways to update their homebody look with items like shorts, swimwear and sandals. The jump in searches for these summery pieces versus comfy loungewear, Lyst stated, suggest “that fashion lovers are determined to enjoy the good weather in style, albeit from home.”

Though many consumers on social media scoffed at the idea of wearing jeans during the early days of stay-at-home orders, Lyst’s data shows that searches for shorts continue to rise, in particular denim shorts. The demand in shorts also reflects the ongoing shift toward more modest silhouettes in women’s wear. Over the past week, Lyst documented a 40 percent spike in searches for Bermuda shorts.

In Germany, however, denim is back in demand. Searches for jeans have started to increase again and denim is currently the most popular category.

Bermuda shorts are on track to be an important summer trend.
Mother Denim Courtesy

The color white, meanwhile, is gaining momentum in both the men’s and women’s categories, despite the fact that occasions that often call for white fashion, like graduations and summer soirees, are cancelled. Fashion searches related to the color white have seen a significant increase of 52 percent month-on-month, with both men and women shoppers searching actively, Lyst said.

The most searched-for product categories alongside the color white for women include dresses, tops and loose pants. Male shoppers are more interested in white oversized hoodies, tees and shorts. Searches for white sneakers—perhaps a signal that the ugly sneaker fever has finally broken—have also increased by 12 percent week-on-week, Lyst stated, as consumers begin to revisit classic items.

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Sandals, however, are picking up where the ugly sneaker trend left off. Page views for “chunky dad sandals” have been on the rise over the past couple of weeks.

“While demand for Prada and Chanel chunky sandals continues to be strong this summer, we have also seen a growing interest for other brands such as Chaco, Cecilie Bahnsen and Dr Martens since the beginning of May,” Lyst stated.

Birkenstock styles, however, are especially popular in the U.S. and were the “most searched product” of last week.

Consumers are searching for chunky sandals.
Birkenstock Courtesy

Naturally, there is a growing demand for comfortable swimwear as summer approaches. One-piece swimsuits are seeing the most interest, with searches up 21 percent month-on-month.

Though last summer saw one-pieces infused with ready-to-wear trends like belts and off-the-shoulder silhouettes, Lyst’s data shows consumers leaning toward swimsuits that have a sporty look and feel, likely due to the prevalence of activewear, especially during the pandemic.

Other popular swim items include ’70s-inspired crochet bikini tops that can also double as a top and high-waisted bikini bottoms. In terms of prints and patterns for swimwear, tie-dye and animal prints take the lead.

To top off their summer quarantine style, consumers are searching for sunglasses, too. Lyst’s data shows searches for sunglasses are up 28 percent month-on-month, with brands like Gucci, Ray-Ban, Celine and Tom Ford drawing the greatest queries. Aviator sunglasses have been particularly popular with men, while women have been searching for cat-eye and oversized styles.

“Regardless of the current situation, shoppers are showing optimism and positivity through their wardrobes, and it’s clear that they are ready to embrace a new season,” Lyst stated.