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Skin Is In This Summer, According to Lyst’s Latest Data

Though faces this summer are covered, consumers are not shying away from showing off other parts of their body. Following months of “contact-less” contact, recent data from global fashion search platform Lyst shows consumers gravitating to skin-revealing fashion that hugs the body.

In general, Lyst reports that searches for cut-out tops are up 60 percent month-on-month, with most of the demand centered on “one-shoulder” and “one-sleeve” designs. Most searched-for styles include ribbed, cut-out and ruffled, with white, black, beige and yellow being the most popular colors.

And while interest for cut-out pieces have been consistently high since May, searches for “open back dresses” in particular are up 18 percent since the start of June. Shoppers, Lyst pointed out, are viewing backless satin dresses as well as voluminous open-back dresses. Searches have increased by 70 percent and 55 percent, respectively, over the past month.

One brand in particular may have help spur this trend: Cult Gaia, the Los Angeles-based label that helped coined the getaway aesthetic that fashion and travel influencers have bolstered on social media. Through the use of natural materials like bamboo and raffia, and silhouettes that take cues from swimwear, Cult Gaia has become the de facto brand for trendy vacation wear.

Though actual getaways are on hold for most, data shows dressing for one is still resonating with consumers. Searches for the brand in May, Lyst reported, increased 10 percent month-on-month, thanks in part to a flurry of models and influencers that shared posts wearing Cult Gaia’s $458 Serita dress—a ribbed knit maxi dress with a bra-like top and a bare back.

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This interest escalated during the week of June 3, as Lyst saw searches for the “Cult Gaia dresses” increase 41 percent week-on-week.

Ankles, too, are proving to be a focal point for consumers. Searches for anklets rose 55 percent month-on-month, Lyst reported. Shoppers are looking for beaded, chain and shell anklets. Searches for chain-strap heels have also increased, up 30 percent week-on-week. Data shows that chain-embellished shoes by Jimmy Choo, Miu Miu and Tom Ford are among the most in demand.

Both trends mark a dramatic shift from the boom in loungewear seen three months ago and confirms the outlooks by trend forecasting firms predicting consumers will eagerly return to the art of dressing up.

Consumers, however, are still favoring effortless denim styles. Perhaps an evolution of the bike short trend that swept summer fashion in 2019, Lyst said demand for knee-length denim shorts rose 28 percent since the start of June. White denim and light blue wash styles are proving popular, while top trending brands in searches include Frame and Levi’s.

Searches for boxer shorts are also on the up and up. With more women wearing them lately, Lyst said searches including the term “boxer shorts for women” increased 25 percent week-on-week. Meanwhile, trends in men’s shorts are taking a more technical direction with searches for men’s nylon shorts up 83 percent since mid-May. And it’s proving to be a category open for a variety of price points and design points of view. The most-wanted brands, Lyst reported, include Stone Island, Patagonia, Prada and Champion.