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Men’s Denim Back in Demand in the US

Premium and super-premium men’s denim is expected to be an industry bright spot for the next few years, with an emphasis on fitted and tailored items, as a result of a growing trend for men in dressing up.

In Euromonitor’s “Jeans in the U.S.” report published last year, the global research firm said it anticipates a increase in U.S. men’s denim sales for the period 2013-2018, specifically in premium and super-premium denim. Sales in men’s jeans are expected to increase overall by a value CAGR of 1 percent at constant 2013 prices over the forecast period.

Premium and super-premium denim are both expected to perform well, increasing by a value CAGR of 2 percent at constant 2013 prices. Euromonitor predicts these sales will be a result of the revitalized U.S. economy, which will cause men to invest more in fashion.

The report indicated that premium styles will become more popular as brands focus marketing efforts on creating more appealing styles and fits that will become suitable office wear. Super-premium jeans, which are already popular with European men, will become more popular with Americans over this period.