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Men Usher in the ’90s Minimalism Trend at New York Fashion Week

Men laid low at New York Fashion Week with street style that alluded to a quieter fall season ahead. Pared-down streetwear, ’90s minimalism and cleaned-up utility fashion delivered a subtle yet refined fashion statement.

White T-shirts with rolled short sleeves, bowling shirts and black-and-white loafers were among the simplistic trends. While the items were born in the ’60s, the loose fits and laidback were more reminiscent of the retro look Luke Perry’s character, Dylan McKay, made famous in the ’90s on “90210.”

Color-blocked denim made an appearance, courtesy of Calvin Klein Jeans. Meanwhile, boxy jackets in stripes or neutrals added a clean alternative to workwear. Overall, garments with cargo pocketing were streamlined with minimal pockets and touched of traditional men’s wear like plaid and check.

Streetwear elements like bucket hats, sneakers and waist bags lingered, but the overall look was toned down from previous seasons’ bursts of neon color.

For example, Prada’s steely gray nylon gabardine shirt was worn as a jacket over a white tee and black shorts. Matching gray socks, sneakers with liquid silver outsoles and minimal silver rings pulled the ensemble together, which essentially was the male equivalent of the new way women’s wear referenced streetwear by pairing T-shirts with subtle branding with strappy sandals and pleated skirts.

The printed designer button-down shirt continued to trend. However, the statement pieces were worn with neutral and tailored bottoms and jackets. Martine Rose’s relaxed fit, linen button-down shirt with a Jamaica-themed print enhanced the retro feel of high-waisted black trousers. Prada’s Frankenstein-themed shirt was paired with khaki pants and a matching trench coat. Prada’s banana print shirt also made an appearance with yellow-tinted shades.

Of course, there were the outliers. The urban cowboy—a bold style seen this summer at Men’s Fashion Week—made an appearance. Slouchy wide-leg jeans were cuffed and belted with a rodeo-inspired belt. A straw cowboy hat was paired with a sheer button-down shirt and Western boots, while patchwork jeans and suede and leather jackets added a vintage feel.