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Nostalgic Denim and Colors Mix at London Fashion Week

London seems to be taking a page from New York’s book on fall street style with an emphasis on cozy looks and nostalgic inspirations.

Street style at London Fashion Week, like New York’s just a week prior, was all about timeless silhouettes, classic washes and wearable fashion statements that are currently trending at high street retailers.

Nostalgia and color, two of the biggest ongoing trends of the year, combined. Slouchy fuchsia and purple sweaters added an ’80s vibe to bright mom jeans and straight fit jeans with clean and bright casts. Denim bustiers and jeans with thigh-revealing cut-outs smacked of ’90s pop-star fashion. While these would have been statements on their own, fashion week goers enhanced the look with neon accents reflective of the decade. The brightest color shaping the week was neon pink, which crept up in the form of scuba tops, silk tanks, handbags, scarves and heels.

Pastels were also trending. Sheer, feminine pieces like a pale pink trench coat were paired with mom jeans and high-top sneakers. Similarly, a blue button-down shirt accented with lilac ruffles paired with high-waisted ecru jeans. Pastel tie-dye jeans added a late summer vibe.

Jeans with paper bag waists were a popular go-to style, underscoring the swing toward more comfortable fashion. Meanwhile, workwear influences added a touch of character in the form of oversized exposed pockets, thickly cuffed denim and structured suiting.

And Brits couldn’t resist a touch of Americana. Fashion week goers gave Western fashion a try with cowboy boots adding flair to otherwise simple outfits. Black cowboy boots made their way into outfits with jeans and white button-down shirts. And bolder animal print boots were paired with colored corduroy pants and a knotted denim shirt.