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What Do Raves, Pet Parties and Romcoms Have in Common?

This year’s fixation with dopamine dressing and pearlcore is giving way to ethereal fashion, rave culture and train travel, according to Pinterest

Pinterest Predicts 2023, the content sharing platform’s annual “not-yet-trending” report, provides a window into the fashion, food, travel, décor and hobbies users are pinning and searching for. 

In short, the list—which Pinterest said has had an 80 percent accuracy rate in the past three years—is a preview of the escapist trends to watch in the coming year.


One part “Bridgerton” and one part Marie Antoinette, Pinterest said airy fashion embellished with lace, tulle, ruffles and shimmer is tracking for all “no matter how you identify.” 

Searches are up 365 percent for shimmery dresses, while splashy tops are emerging as the ‘It’ item. 

Searches are up 225 percent for “lace top long sleeve,” 65 percent for tulle sleeves and 95 percent for “ruffle shirt men.” 

Alberta Ferretti Pre-Fall 2023

The opulent tops are a more practical piece compared to the theme’s other trending search term, “sheer pants outfit,” which has seen Pinterest searches climb 70 percent. 

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Consumers are finally getting in the mood for the Roaring Twenties fashion that covid put the kibosh on in 2020. “Gen X and millennials will trade in their typical tassels for free-swinging fringed outfits, dresses and jackets,” Pinterest said.

Bevza Spring 2023

Users are looking for “fringe dress outfit” (+255 percent), “beaded fringe dress” (+75 percent) and “black fringe skirt outfit” (+155 percent). Searches for fringe wedding dresses are also up 45 percent for brides seeking a more vintage or party-ready look.

The all-important question remains: will fringe’s revival be cheugy? Millennials are the cohort responsible for the grip that boho fashion (e.g. fringe-embellished boots, hobo bags and vests) had on women’s wear in the 2010s, after all. 

The cute and colorful fashion in 2000s romcoms have users researching “2000s girl” and “cool girl aesthetic outfits,” Pinterest said, describing romcom core as a trend to watch. Searches for the terms are up 235 percent and 140 percent, respectively. 

Scene from “13 Going on 30” Credit: Columbia/courtesy Everett Collection

Gen Z and millennials will romanticize their closets with slip dresses, tube tops and cargo pants,” Pinterest said. Rhinestone dresses and pink miniskirts are also in demand. 

To counter these sweet and embellished looks, edgier aesthetics are in the pipeline. Terms like “dystopian outfits” and “avant garde outfit” are seeing triple-digit increases, while searches for “gamer girl look” are up 3,370 percent. 

“Fashion is moving light-years ahead,” Pinterest said. “Gen Z and millennials will opt for futuristic fits, like cyber streetwear, galactic glasses and gamer-girl styles.”

Echoing Instagram’s forecast that revealed 68 percent of Gen Z social media users plan or want to attend a rave in 2023, Pinterest said “rave culture will reign in the year ahead.”

Rave fashion is fueling this burgeoning interest. Searches for “house music outfits” are up 185 percent, “Berlin rave fashion” up 250 percent and “techno style” up 60 percent. 

Unnatural hair colors will continue to be all the rage. Pinterest said Gen Z and millennials will mix natural hues with bright purple, blue and pink for a “Gemini hair” look. Blue and black braids (+215 percent), pink and lavender hair (+345 percent), lavender and blonde hair (+150 percent) and brown to pink balayage (+280) are among the most specific searches. 

Gemini hair

Pinterest said Boomers and Gen X are driving growing interest in scalp care. Searches for both “scalp massage techniques” and “clean scalp” are up 55 percent, while solutions for dry scalp and hair growth are also climbing.

Meanwhile, millennials and Gen Z are shifting to bob haircuts and short French manicures over long locks and acrylic nails. “Chopped bob haircut” searches are up 550 percent. Searches for “micro French nails” are up 235 percent. 

Micro bangs, short stiletto nails and short braid hairstyles—perhaps a nod to Wednesday Addams’ signature hair style in Netflix’s new series, “Wednesday”—are also on the rise.  


2023 could be the year that the wedding industry gives gray a rest. 

“Millennial and Gen Z couples will splash their weddings with orange hues, from the bridesmaid dresses to the floral arrangements,” Pinterest said. 

Searches are “burnt orange wedding theme” are up 695 percent, while searches for orange wedding centerpieces are up 150 percent. Copper saree, terracotta bridesmaid dresses and “orange dress outfit wedding” are key fashion terms to watch. 

Pets are getting the party treatment with pet pool parties, complete with invitations, party favors and décor. Pinterest said searches for “DIY dog pool” and “dog birthday party ideas decoration” are up 85 percent and 65 percent, respectively. 

And with in-person socializing back in action, Boomers and Gen X are plotting celebrations for major milestones. Searches are up 50 percent for “100th birthday party ideas” and 85 percent for “80th birthday party decorations.” Meanwhile, long-time lovebirds are searching for golden anniversary and “silver jubilee cake 25th anniversary.”

Non-alcoholic beverages will likely be on the menu as Gen X opt for mocktails and low-ABV options. Searches for “fancy non-alcoholic drinks” are up 220 percent. “Mocktail bar” searches up are 75 percent. 

Gen X appreciates a good-looking drink, however. Pinterest sees interest building for garnish ideas, fancy ice cubes and creative cocktail presentations. 

The cohort is driving the buzz for floral-inspired baked goods like “sage green cupcakes” and “purple floral cake.”  

“The apothecary aesthetic comes to the kitchen,” Pinterest said. “Gen X and millennials are tackling ambitious sweet treats like wildflower cupcakes and daisy desserts.”

In general, searches for “herbal apothecary aesthetic” are up 1,025 percent. 


Gen Z and Boomers will find a common ground with their fondness for all things mushrooms. Pinterest said both generations are into “weirdcore” design and fantasy art. Searches are up 170 percent for “fantasy mushroom art” and 35 percent for “vintage mushroom décor.”

The duo is also driving interest in “hipstoric home” décor which combines vintage and inherited pieces with modern styles. Searches are up 850 percent for “eclectic interior design vintage” and 530 percent for “mixing modern and antique furniture.”

Showers and front doors are focal points for home improvement. Pinterest said Boomers and Gen X will adorn their entrances in 2023 with elaborate décor and embellishments. “Foyer entry decor ideas” searches are up 190 percent and “front door transformation” searches are up 85 percent. 

Pinterest users are also looking for ways to spruce up their campers, resulting in a 115 percent increase in searches for “porch for camper.”

In the bathroom, Boomers and Gen X aim to replicate a spa experience. Searches are up 395 percent for “amazing showers walk in” and 460 percent for “shower routine aesthetic.” Interest in shower bombs, “doorless shower ideas” and “home spa bathroom” is also climbing.

Meanwhile, Gen Z and millennials are finding self-care routines in alternative therapies like expressive art, journaling, and music therapy. Pinterest said searches are up 1,840 percent for “writing therapy” and 3,755 percent for “art journal therapy.” 

These consumers are also turning to train travel to escape the frenzy of airports. “Quicker boarding, extra legroom and a lower carbon footprint are all making trains more appealing,” Pinterest said.

Interest in the mode of transportation is evident in searches for “train travel aesthetic” and “train quotes travel,” which have increased 205 percent and 285 percent, respectively.