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Sport, Space and Travel Inspire Spring/Summer 2020 Trims

Trim suppliers are meeting millennials’ taste for colorful, handcrafted and shimmering details for Spring/Summer 2020.

The dueling trends, maximalism and minimalism, resulted in novel trim assortments at Munich Fabric Start last month.

Feminine details like opalescent and iridescent finishes continue to be important. Opaque fabrics subdue neon colors. Sorbet colors add an ’80s feel to marbleized hardware. Oil slick finishes add novelty to buttons. The trend takes direction from outer space, mixing holographic silver finishes with clean white hardware and text. Clear plastic zipper tape, buttons and pouches add an invisibility factor to trims.

Sport’s influence shines through as ribbons and side taping, refreshed in bold—and often retro colorways—or emblazoned with logos and statements. Monochromatic primary colors add a youthful feeling to suede back patches. Rubber finishes, galvanized-looking metallics and interplays of matte and shine add dimension to trims. Materials are complemented with die-cuts, block letters and ’80s-inspired typography.

The influence of Virgil Abloh’s designs for Off-White is evident in a minimalist story based on black, white, gray and flashes of neon green, yellow and metallic silver. Design elements span geometric patterns and triangular motifs, to racing-inspired stripes. Transparent layers, 3-D textures and wire-like fringe add depth to trims. Plastic buckles and waterproof or reflective zipper tape delivers function and fashion.

Sequin appliqués and rickrack play up ’70s and ’80s glam. Gold D-rings, buttons rimmed with gold rope motifs and two-tone black and gold circular buckles add a vintage vibe. Crystals and pearls have a raw, imperfect appearance.

Trims take a turn for the Southwest, blending hardware with earthy marble swirls with muddy zipper tape textures and raffia labels. Raw leather cords and leather-covered hardware add a cowboy feel, along with back patches embellished with old-timey lettering. The trend lightens up with llama and dragon fly appliqués, ribbon adorned with patterns inspired by friendship bracelets and various shades of purple.