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Spring/Summer 2020 Menswear Buyer’s Guide for Project Las Vegas

From surreal prints and pastel neons, to classic outerwear and the return of linen, there are many directions men’s buyers can take for Spring/Summer 2020.

As Project Las Vegas kicks off Monday at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Michael Fisher, vice president and creative director, menswear for Fashion Snoops, breaks the season into four trend stories and pinpoints the key items that should be on every buyer’s checklist.


The tie-dye trend is just one part of fashion’s overall intrigue with psychedelia for Spring/Summer 2020. With so-called “mainstream psychedelics” becoming a hot topic, Fisher said fashion is tapping into consumers’ want for self-exploration. Cult culture depicted in pop culture, he added, is informing new summer uniforms—a look that he likened to “guru styling.”

1. Matching resort shirt and short sets
2. Unnatural topical prints
3. Pastel neons
4. Retro color blocked windbreakers
5. Tie-dye in unexpected places
6. Crinkled blazers
7. ’90s nostalgia
8. Guru styling
9. Tiny bags
10. Vans-inspired slip-on sneakers


With fashion and technology intersecting, expect to find utility garments with a modern sensibility. Natural colorways, dye effects and accoutrements that feel like small treasures. Or, as Fisher described the look, it’s a style fit for a “modern-day Leonardo da Vinci or Indiana Jones character.”

1. Utilitarian design
2. Small but statement-making details
3. Sleek cargo pants
4. Packable suiting
5. Denim with inside-out construction
6. Chore jackets
7. Antique dye effects
8. Zip-front shirts
9. Antique-inspired jewelry
10. Summer-weight parkas

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Great City

Gucci’s influence on everything from footwear to bomber jackets is just one example of how the excess of the ’80s fits right into today’s pop culture. And the look, Fisher said, resonates with a male consumer with “maximum urbane energy.” He’s exploring downtown art galleries and is relishing in the return of nightlife and needs the flashy uniform to match.

1. Power suits
2. Spliced knits
3. Over-the-top logos
4. Sporty sets
5. Classic trench coats
6. Clashes of color
7. ’80s-inspired accessories
8. Relaxed denim fits
9. Necktie trim and prints
10. Fashion loafers


With vacation styling on the rise, expect to see stripped down summer separates and natural materials that recall simpler times. “It used to be that linen was really reserved for the ultra-traditional market and now we’re starting to see younger guys embrace it because they’re realizing that it’s so versatile,” he said. Openwork sweaters for the beach, pleated tourister shorts and polos—updated with a Johnny collar—complete the vacation look.

1. Breezy bombers
2. Suiting as comfortable as a T-shirt
3. Light rinse denim
4. Tops with positive messaging
5. Sun-faded color ways
6. Second-skin knits
7. Painterly stripes
8. Old-school Armani styling
9. Handcrafted details
10. Fresh takes on cotton poplin