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Spring/Summer 2020 Womenswear Buyer’s Guide at Project Las Vegas

From re-imagined workwear that embraces sustainability, to the return of statement-making occasion wear, Spring/Summer 2020 brings with it a broad range of womenswear and accessories.

Many of these trends are showcased at Project and WWD MAGIC in Las Vegas this week at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Here, Melissa Moylan, Fashion Snoops vice president, creative director-womenswear, makes sense of it all by splitting the season into four trend stories and their key items.


Scandinavia’s next influence will arrive in Spring/Summer 2020 in the form of “lagom,” the Scandinavian term for “just the right amount.” The term translates to fashion with designs that combine minimalism with folk art, nature-inspired prints and fringe details. The trend also has an underlying nature component with raw elements that Moylan said can be interpreted to materials or colors.

1. Minimal and functional
2. Warm yellows and oranges
3. Easy summer separates
4. Fluid dresses and skirts
5. Craft macramé
6. Gingham
7. Florals and fruit prints
8. Tonal stripes
9. Knotted styling
10. Fringe trim


Fashion aims to mimic the surreal feeling of immersive experiences and “mainstream” psychedelics through shocks of colors, dye techniques and performance fabrics. This trend, Moylan said, also invites a fresh take on active and athleisure silhouettes. Rather than stick to conventional fabrics, she urged buyers to consider denim bike shorts and voluminous lightweight parkas as an alternative to the classic windbreaker already trending in the market.

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1. Athleisure meets tech
2. Neons
3. Greens and purples
4. Bike shorts
5. Cropped or bra tops
6. Parkas and windbreakers
7. Sporty materials
8. Tie-dye
9. Ombre
10. Drawstrings


With the cultural area that now encompasses the Middle East increasingly becoming a source of design inspiration, Moylan says womenswear buyers can expect to see primitive aesthetics, intricate patterns and jewel motifs for Spring/Summer 2020. These visuals are combined with relaxed, vacation-friendly silhouettes pulled from the workwear and utility space.

1. Tribal influences
2. Earthy neutrals and brown
3. Raw materials
4. Exotic patterns
5. Damasks and dyes
6. Cargo pants
7. Resort caftans
8. Sarong wrap styling
9. Mixed media construction
10. Utility details


While the influence of the ’80s has lingered in streetwear for several seasons, expect to see the decade inspire a new wave of special occasion dressing that packs a bold punch. With vibrant colors, metallic shine and an emphasis on strong silhouettes, Moylan said this trend is “inspired by a woman who is part of a scene, but she’s also prone to causing a scene herself.”

1. Power suiting
2. ’80s influence
3. Bright colors
4. High waistlines
5. Statement blazers
6. Puff sleeves
7. Shine and metallic
8. Logos
9. Dye effects
10. Sequins and feathers