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Current Events Influence Trim Trends at Munich Fabric Start

The Spring/Summer 2024 trims on display at Munich Fabric Start last week spoke to how technology, global events and the five senses are affecting design and branding elements. 

Fashion is already getting hyped up for the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris. 

“We are facing great challenges on a global level, and this brings us closer together,” the show said.

In the theme “Team Players,” sporty, colorful designs that support agility reflect a deep desire to move and release endorphins. A “colorful playground” of coated buttons and color-blocked ribbons and zipper tapes resonate with products for all ages. Labels and tags with illustrated sport motifs are lighthearted.

Trims with sustainable messages and recycled materials were part of “Global Manifestors,” a theme that centered on peace and environmentalism. 

“Silent protests and peaceful demonstrations are our tools,” the show said.

Labels with earthy textures, patches of Earth with the plea “Please Save Me” and animal-themed labels that state “Protect the Planet” help build awareness. 

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“We want to be heard and seen,” the show said.

Consumers also want to touch and feel. In “Sensotorics,” tactile sensations influenced by the digital world take center stage. 

The result is a surrealistic approach to materials, highlighted by shimmery surfaces, holographic treatments and opalescence. Ribbons have glitch-y textures, while labels featured repetitive typography.

Transparent and simplified trims are part of “Exposers,” a theme that underscores body positivity in fashion. 

Clear labels, monochromatic tags and subtle embossing allow the garment and its wearer to be the focus. 

“This style demonstrates a new kind of freedom which is translucent, provocative, sensual and even vulnerable,” the show said.