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Consumers Seek Expertise About Low-Rise Jeans, Raw Denim and Sustainability

Denim may be a part of everyone’s wardrobes, but jeans still pose a number of questions for consumers.

This week, we compiled some of the top denim reads that look to the experts for advice. Denim leaders explained best practices for breaking in raw jeans and how to wear low-rise styles, and advised shoppers on where to find the most sustainable fashion.

Sorry, but Low-Rise Jeans Are Actually Here

It’s 2020, and low-rise jeans are back—but the G-string-baring, Paris Hilton version may stay in the early ’00s. Low-rise jeans made an appearance at Gucci’s Fall/Winter 20-21 men’s show, and the style is bound to extend beyond the runway. Read more here.

How to Break in Raw Denim, According to the Experts

There are so many conflicting reports about how to break in raw denim that it’s toeing the line between caution and superstition. Gear Patrol talked to denim experts to find out how to get the perfect lived-in denim look. Learn all of the dos and don’ts here.

Exploring the Top 3 Waste Solutions for the Denim Industry

By now, most people are aware of the waste epidemic surrounding the denim and fashion industries—but they might not be aware of the solutions. Denim Dudes listed out the top three ways the industries are changing for the better. Learn what they are here.

Online Retailers are Making ‘Sustainable’ Fashion More Searchable

Consumers have been vying for more sustainable options for a while now, and retailers are finally delivering on their requests. Now, it’s possible to go to a leading brand’s website and filter according to ethical practices. See which companies are making sustainability searchable here.