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New Report Positions Denim as a Key Fabric for F/W 20-21 Collections

Even in the most uncertain times, denim will always be a fashion staple.

Fashion search engine Tagwalk published its “A to Z of Materials on the Runway ” report, and denim was one of the top fabrics, appearing both on the runway as well as in fashion searches for Fall/Winter 2020 materials.

The report highlighted fabrics that are “not only vectors of quality, durability and luxury, but also of creativity and experimentation.” It also noted that designers are embracing more eco-conscious and responsible materials—and that denim checks all of these boxes.

According to the report, denim ranks high on the list of materials used in both women’s wear and men’s wear collections: 3.6 percent and 6.6 percent, respectively.

Denim is also one of the most-searched materials for both men and women. Other popular fabrics for Fall/Winter 20-21 include lace and velvet for women, and corduroy and satin for men.

The report considered denim, knitwear and leather to be three key fabrics that exist at the intersection of men’s wear and women’s wear. Jeans, knit dresses and leather pants were the most popular items within each fabric category.

Denim-heavy collections include R13, which was composed of 75 percent denim. GCDS’ collection was 26.8 percent denim. Y/Project’s collection was 26.5 percent denim. Denim made up a quarter of Koche’s collection, and composed 11.7 percent of Celine’s collection.

Of the denim featured throughout all of the collections, jeans were the most popular style, at 35.3 percent. Bleached, blue and black denim were the most popular washes, at 33.6 percent, 23 percent and 17.7 percent, respectively.

Denim’s long history and versatility, along with its options for sustainability, help the popular fabric earn its ranking within the report.

Organic cotton—which many denim brands are incorporating into collections to lessen their environmental impact—was also called out in the report as a fiber to watch. The report highlighted brands such as Redemption, Louis Gabriel Nouchi, Botter and Ottolinger for their use of the responsible material.