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The Look: Coarse Surfaces and White Washes for A/W 16-17

Stonewash, coarse surfaces and handcrafted looks are just a few of the fashion trends Vicunha Textil is anticipating for A/W 2016-17. The Brazilian denim manufacturer released its denim and washing guide for the season, highlighting its latest finishes and technologies.

Batik and sun prints continue to offer versatile creative designs, with styles spanning bold brush stroke patterns to thin, wiry botanical prints. In particular, Vicunha is focusing on 3D painterly techniques that intensify the texture and color with effects ranging from dark to light, while keeping the hand feel soft and flexible.

The company is applying the 3D technique to its high performance denim from its Perfect Fit line and to its Moove Super Stretch line, which offers 60 percent power stretch and 40 percent mega super-ultra stretch.

Aggressive washes are being used for both minimal decorative embellishments and for destroyed looks. White denim is washed to have a red clay appearance. Other examples are marble-like with contrasts of black.

Paint splatter effects take on a celestial feel as small speckles of white against bright and dark washes of indigo. Overall, the manufacturer reported an interest in white washes coupled with pure and intense blue. (Think bright blue skies with tufts of white clouds.) Stonewash looks from the 1990s continue to be relevant.

To answer the call for vintage looks of a bygone era, Vicunha is offering a blend of techniques, including lasers, patches and stitches. The manufacturer’s ‘Patched’ effect is inspired by handcrafting and mending applications.

Laborious washes create new levels of color and texture to patchwork jeans, while leather-like coatings add a touch of modernity to the overall look. Patches range from haberdashery prints to ’80s-inspired sport and novelty patches.