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The Season of the Denim Skirt

No need to skirt around the issue—the denim skirt is having a moment at retail. In particular, the style is picking up steam online.

Data released by fashion data firm Editd showed that denim skirts are the fourth most stocked skirt style in the U.S. and U.K. markets, bested by pleated, pencil and maxi silhouettes.

With 81 percent of current denim skirts having arrived in stores in the last three months, Editd said the style has potential for growth and longevity. And unlike pleated skirts, which are edging into over-saturated territory at No. 1, denim skirts offer freshness and newness.

Editd named Net-a-Porter as one example of an online retailer with a pulse on what is happening in the skirt category. In the last couple of months, the retailer has dedicated space in its newsletters to denim, pleated and maxi skirts.