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Cabincore Unlocks New Opportunities for Men’s Denim

The combination of consumers reconnecting with nature and dropping temperatures is bringing a new sartorial trend to the forefront. Cabincore is the latest escapist aesthetic for consumers who prefer a rustic and hygge lifestyle over that of a bustling city.

Darker and more rugged than cottagecore—a floral, ethereal fashion movement that younger consumers subscribed to during the peak of the pandemic—cabincore also ties in nature and a reclusive attitude inspired by a period of global isolation. The hashtag #cabincore already has over 31 million views on TikTok, and if the TikTok-led war on skinny jeans is any indication, the social media platform holds significant power over today’s fashion trends.

The theme is defined by soft fabrics, comfy silhouettes and outerwear, all of which are fueling new search trends identified by product intelligence company Trendalytics, which published a report documenting top fashion searches across men’s, women’s and kids’.

Denim is the foundation to men’s cabincore style, especially raw jeans. Trendalytics reports that searches for the product are up 73 percent from last year, and as demand for more polished pieces climb, interest in distressed denim is declining. Searches for “men’s worn jeans” are up just 16 percent and considered to be at their peak.

Men’s denim, in general, is closely aligning with Gen Z preferences for looser fits, Trendalytics reports. Searches for wide leg, baggy and relaxed styles up 168 percent, 86 percent and 73 percent, respectively.

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Falling in line with the cabincore trend is an uptick in searches for men’s safari jackets (up 282 percent from last year), bomber jackets and lace-up boots—all of which borrow from the utility and gorpcore themes that swiveled into the spotlight during the pandemic.

Retail intelligence platform Edited considers cabincore to be a gorpcore spin-off story for consumers looking to explore the outdoors in a more casual manner. As a result, men’s baggy sweaters, oversize T-shirts and shackets are growing in popularity as the temperatures drop, underscoring the theme’s casualization.

Edited points to wide-leg and flare jeans—specifically in dark washes—as being key cabincore silhouettes for women. These fits make up 17 percent of the current denim offering at retailers.

Denim, however, may play a smaller role in women’s cabincore looks, with knits reigning supreme over all else, according to Trendalytics. Cold-weather fashion pieces like cardigan coats, chunky cable knit sweaters, crochet cropped sweaters and boucle skirts are currently climbing to the top of searches. “Crafty” accessories like fringe crossbody bags and braided belts are topping searches and underscoring the cozy homebody movement.