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Denim Dominated Fashion Searches in 2022

Trendalytics’ top fashion search terms of 2022 reveal how social media, hybrid work schedules and the return of nightlife influenced style. Denim, lauded for its versatility and runway-worthy designs, dominated the New York-based data analytics firm’s list.

The denim corset top met its full commercial potential in 2022 with Versace, Alice & Olivia, AG, Zara, H&M and more including one in their collections. Worn by A-listers from Khloe Kardashian and Kate Perry to Bella Hadid, the lingerie-inspired piece drew a 341 percent year-over-year increase in search with 3,813 average weekly in 2022. 

In a complete 180 from the high-rise skinny jeans that drove demand prior to the pandemic, consumers were curious about low-rise wide-leg jeans. Searches for the jean style grew 143 percent year-over-year.

Though longer denim skirt lengths are currently in high demand, searches for their micro opposite climbed 110 percent year-over-year with 6,094 average weekly searches. 

Denim also inspired searches in children’s wear. 

Searches for girls’ wide-leg jeans climbed 200 percent year-over-year with 332 average weekly searches. Boys’ cargo pants and girls’ flare pants also saw growth, with 1,025 and 210 average weekly searches respectively. 

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Fashion cores captured consumers’ attention in 2023, igniting viral hashtags and products.

Barbiecore, the moniker given to the wave of pink that washed over fashion last year, inspired the most searches. Though the term nods to the nostalgic Mattel doll brand and the upcoming live action film starring Margot Robbie as Barbie, pink was also the center of the year’s defining collection, Valentino’s PP Pink collection, and an anchor in Y2K-inspired collections by Versace, Blumarine and more. Searches for the term increased 2,656 percent year-over-year with 14,219 average weekly searches.

Pink popped in Dsquared2’s Honey Collection

The allure of escapist fashion remained strong. Searches for Coast Grandma, the Nancy Meyer-inspired aesthetic rooted in cream knits, white linen and bateau necklines, increased 1,306 percent year-over-year.  

Meanwhile, outdoor enthusiasts (or those that want to dress the part) explored gorpcore, a fashion core that marries functional and technical apparel with everyday sportswear. Trendalytics said searches for this aesthetic increased 720 percent year-over-year with 48,125 average weekly searches.

Parachute cargo pants, cargo skirts, satin cargo pants and oversized leather bomber jackets benefited the most from gorpcore’s strong hold on fashion. 

The goth trend that started in 2021 evolved into “whimsigoth” in 2022. Searches for the fashion core, which pairs leather, lace and velvet with rich jewel tones, celestial motifs and feminine silhouettes, climbed 651 percent year-over-year. 

The popularity of Miu Miu’s ultra-low, ultra-short miniskirts was just one side effect of Indie Sleaze, the mid-2000s aesthetic born on Tumblr and perpetuated by Brooklyn hipster culture. Searches for the term increased 222 percent year-over-year.

Nostalgic fashion was a force to be reckoned with in 2022. Trendalytics named high-leg bikini bottoms and star hair clips important throwback trends, with 1,332 and 1,814 average weekly searches respectively. Lug sole loafers—a ’90s style that Prada helped popularize—saw 7,255 average weekly searches. 

Consumers also sniffed out statement-making fashion. Searches for metallic corsets (+1,887 percent, feather trim pants (+193 percent), feather mini dress (+114 percent) and chainmail skirts (+117 percent) heralded the return of nightlife.

Sheer tops, pleated trousers, checkerboard pants and velvet shirts were among the statement makers for men. Men’s fashion searches veered toward comfortable hybrid office attire, however.

Searches for men’s fuzzy sweaters climbed 902 percent year-over-year. Interest in men’s marled sweaters rose 368 percent, while waffle knit sweater searches increased 333 percent. Men’s knit polo shirts saw searches increase 121 percent year-over-year.

Collared shirts’ 2022 rebound was evident by the number of searches some styles received.

Searches for wrinkle-free dress shirts increased 66 percent year-over-year with 694 average weekly searches. Trendalytics named notch collar shirts, Johnny collar shirts, oversized polo shirts, Cuban shirts and bowling shirts as tops with growing searches.