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Trendalytics: Sheer, Chinos and Animal Prints Top Online Searches

Consumers starved for fashion during the Covid-19 pandemic are making up for lost time. Themes of extravagance and preppy fashion, as well as work attire, have continued to find their way into today’s top trends. Product intelligence company Trendalytics’ newly published report on consumer online searches further confirms the shift.

Transparency isn’t just a hot topic for supply chains—it’s also an emerging women’s style that kicked off with Mugler’s sheer catsuits worn by pop stars like Dua Lipa, Miley Cyrus and Beyoncé, who wore one on the December cover of British Vogue.

The revealing look has traversed categories, with “naked shoes,” or footwear with a transparent element, such as a clear strap or block heel, dominating searches, Trendalytics reported. Interest in mesh and sheer dresses are also on the rise—a look that echoed across the Spring/Summer 2022 runway.

Similarly, sparkles of all kinds are topping searches, with a growing number of consumers shopping for sequin trousers and shiny tops. But while statement-making denim is in line with this look, the firm warns that trend-driven styles like the asymmetrical jean and the split hem jean are reaching their peak. It also noted that short sleeved denim dresses are on their way out, dropping 43 percent in searches since last year.

Fashion’s edgy spin on prep-school fashion, spurred by the summer reboot of “Gossip Girl,” is carrying into fall. According to the report, varsity sweaters are a top emerging trend, with a 72 percent spike in searches since last year. Similarly, searches for preppy pieces like chain loafers, oversized button-down shirts and pleated maxi dresses are up 50 percent, 153 percent, 42 percent, respectively.

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Men’s trends

Men’s apparel is showing similar themes of opulence, with formal wear like men’s suits and dress shirts emerging as some of the top categories to watch. The data mirrors what the firm pointed to in June when it announced men’s fashion was leveling up as covid restrictions were loosening up.

Trendalytics found that searches for men’s suiting have increased 42 percent from last year when lockdown orders were still in place in many areas of the world. Men’s tuxedos are also on the rise, as weddings and other formal events resume after more than a year of isolation.

The firm considers patchwork denim, another eye-catching style, to be a “safe bet” with an 83 percent increase in searches from last year. On the other hand, men’s purple jeans—a once-popular statement piece—are likely at their peak.

Still, the pandemic continues to influence workwear. Men’s casual pants and chinos are top search terms, proving that comfort remains a top priority in consumers’ return to the office.

Also likely a result of the pandemic, there remains an equally large opportunity for gorpcore, which stands for “good ol’ raisins and peanuts,” and includes influences from the outdoor category. Searches for items like men’s utility pants and men’s fitted caps are spiking, with a 50 percent and 199 percent increase from the year prior.

Children’s trends

Children’s apparel is also reflecting key themes from their adult counterparts, with animal prints on the rise. According to the report, “parents are incorporating animal print apparel and accessories into their children’s wardrobes to help them stand out from the pack.”

Animal one-pieces, flamingo-print dresses and unicorn-themed hoodies are experiencing an influx of searches, and forecasters are confident they will continue to grow over the next year.

A highly anticipated back-to-school season could also be a factor in top search terms, as searches for JanSport backpacks saw a 155 increase from the year prior, when global restrictions forced virtual education. The cottagecore style that defined escapist culture during the pandemic is popping up in girls’ apparel searches, with an increased emphasis on denim dresses and puff sleeves.

Despite denim being a top-searched category for kids, the firm notes that denim jackets are on their way out in this category, with searches down 35 percent since 2020.