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Fashion Basics Are Going ‘Viral’ This Fall: Report

Simplicity with a nostalgic twist has a hold on tastemakers this season, according to new data from Trendalytics

While fall is “arguably the most talked about season in fashion,” the retail analytics firm says the narrative this year is about tried-and-true basics with a “a bit of edge.” Five items that landed on the Instagram grids of fashion influencers and celebrities are carrying the conversation.

Once a polarizing “cheugy” shoe style, Ugg boots are back in bite size form. “Unlike its predecessors, this boot is at ankle height rather than mid-calf, offering a more sleek and universal wear,” Trendalytics said.

On TikTok #miniuggboots has over 10.2 million views. Search volume for the cabincore style is up 262 percent compared to last year.

Meanwhile, Trendalytics says celebrities like Emily Ratajkowski have been seen wearing the cozy shoes for a multitude of occasions. 

Though denim miniskirts were a popular Y2K-meets-Barbiecore item this summer—and will continue to be for Spring/Summer 2023 as Diesel’s and Levi’s collections indicate—data points to high demand for longer lengths. 

Trendalytics sees interest in denim maxi skirts accelerating as the temperature drops. New arrivals of the ankle-skimming skirt are up 82 percent compared to last year, while buzz about the style is up 900 percent. 

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The cargo pant—another Y2K ‘It’ item—is piping hot this fall. The utility-driven bottom was seen all over street style at Copenhagen Fashion Week in August, frequently styled with colorful heels and wrap sandals. 

Cargo pants were among the list of trends retail intelligence firm Edited recently said have a stronghold on Gen Z consumers worldwide. 

Trendalytics described cargo pants as a “safe bet trend” with 296,000 average weekly searches, or 64 percent more compared to last year. Between TikTok and Instagram, social buzz is 167 percent over last year and growing. 

The growing popularity of thrifting is informing new style trends as well. Though they’ve long filled the racks of secondhand shops, Trendalytics reports that the oversized bomber jacket is “new to market,” with new arrivals up 41 percent compared to last year. 

“With a renewed obsession with leather and grunge styles, the oversized bomber jacket is a seasonal staple this fall, especially as celebrities like [2022 Rivet 50 honoree] Hailey Bieber showcase this trend and bring it to the forefront of every corner of the internet,” Trendalytics said. 

The Bieber-approved jacket has over 1,000 average weekly searches. The style is most saturated in the fast fashion and luxury markets, with Farfetch, Asos and Neiman Marcus among the top retailers.

The final star of the season is the simplest of all: the white tank top. With 14,000 average weekly searches, Trendalytics said social buzz for the basic is up 543 percent to last year as well.