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6 Trim Trends to Know for Fall ’19

Three key buzzwords in the apparel and denim industries—sport, sustainability and comfort—are influencing trims, too.

At Munich Fabric Start in Germany this week, trim companies presented Fall ’19 concepts that tap into consumers’ desire to feel good, both in their clothing and about their purchases. The themes express the season’s overall focus on sustainability in imaginative ways that add value to denim purchases.

Here’s a look at six key trend stories to know for next fall.

Agile Roots

The countryside serves as inspiration for this trend story. Organic shapes and natural colors like solar yellow, beetroot and fir create a peaceful template for brands to play with. Trims span kitschy apple- and pear-shaped appliques to biodegradable hangtags.

Plastic Secondaire

This sport-based story invites brands to develop trims made out of recycled plastic. The look calls for comic book-like combinations of red, blue, yellow and green coupled with novelties like transparent plastic and milky iridescence.

Empowering the Slow

Energy from mountains and lakes inspire this story, which urges people to slow down and live in the present. Soft non-colors like fleshy peach, grayish lavender and military green are core to the story. Images of feathers and frayed edges add lightness.


This story aims to redefine luxury. Sophisticated gold, geometric patterns and typography that smacks of Brooklyn hipster design combine with upcycled fabrics and metals made with waterless finishing technology.

Scientia Obscura

Welcome to outer space in this story that blends technical fabrics with kitsch novelties. The theme examines ideas about reality and artificial intelligence, but its fun factor is amped up with retro astronaut motifs, high shine silver and poppy melon and chartreuse that toe the line of fluorescent.

Anatomy Affairs

Black and white is a go-to color palette for this story about ying and yang. Feminine bows are done in edgy black leather, repeated text creates bold patterns and zips are oversized with a premium matte finish. Trims are accented with mirror-like silver, oil slick gray and pale rose for a touch of glamor and softness.