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Vacation Vibes Filter Across Men’s and Women’s Fashion

The rising cost of flights and hotels is not the only sign that consumers are in vacation mode.

In addition to occasion wear, beach-ready fashion was abundant in Resort 2022 and Spring/Summer 2022 men’s collections, with several brands putting a “psychedelic, funky twist” on typical beach attire, according to data-driven fashion trend forecasting firm Heuritech.

The destinations designers were dressing for, however, are varied with some channeling the breezy, bohemian vibe of Tulum with linen and crochet and others embracing the retro coolness of Hawaii with printed shirts and vibrant colors. Meanwhile, the heap of pastels for men and women signals a sunnier and more optimistic outlook for fashion overall.

The universally beloved themed gives retailer a lot to work with. Here, Heuritech provides a rundown of most promising vacation-inspired fashion trends to know for 2022.


From Casablanca’s yellow scalloped-edge sets to bra tops by Ambush, designers are exploring the DIY look and feel of crochet.

“Knitwear has been a huge trend in fashion for over a year, and crochet has taken the lead as the go-to trendy knit textile as of late, with big brands and independent designers alike integrating the textile in their collections,” Heuritech reported.


No fabric sums up “vacation mode” as well as linen. “It is not only desirable for its practicality in the heat but also for its growing reputation as a sustainable material,” Heuritech stated.

Though linen is prevalent in current summer collections, its popularity is expected to grow as the sustainability movement continues to gain momentum. Key women’s items will be beachy tops and dresses, though labels like Lemaire are also showcasing the natural fabric as an option for workwear. Heuritech said retailers can expect this trend to reach additional segments soon, including mainstream dressers.

Linen’s look for men is slightly different. Compared to its “strong beachy connotations” for women’s wear, Heuritech described men’s linen as minimalistic safari. The fabric takes on desert undertones in garments such as Hed Mayner’s tunic tops and Yohji Yamaoto’s relaxed epaulette-embellished blazer.

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Bleached Denim

Bleached denim was made for the beach. Faded light washes made an impression in women’s collections from Y/Project and Alessandra Rich. Along with being used for jeans, Heuritech saw an uptick in silhouettes such as bleached denim miniskirts and shorts.

The trend, however, was more popular in men’s collections. With influential brands such as Isabel Marant, Louis Vuitton and Balenciaga adopting this wash for all of their denim, the intrigue in bleached denim signals a “large scale push away from darker shades,” Heuritech added. Expect to see bleached denim jeans worn by both mainstream and trendy consumers.


Pastels, Heuritech said, are the “quintessential color shade” for 2022’s vacation theme. Since pastels share the same shade, they can easily be combined and paired together, resulting in delightful multicolored looks for men and women. While shorts and tops are the most common ways women’s wear designers presented pastels, men’s were “huge fans” of showing pastels in suit form.

While yellow, blue, pink and green were present, pastel purple, a color akin to WGSN’s key color for 2023, digital lavender, was the most popular color trend. The color, which Heuritech noted compliments other “sand and sea colors,” was often executed in relaxed beach shapes and paired with beaded jewelry.

Printed Button-Down Shirts

Months of wearing T-shirts and sweats is giving way to button-down shirts—printed versions, specifically. “The signature loose fit and relaxed lapels make it the perfect piece for the summer heat,” Heuritech said of these garments.

Short-sleeve button-down shirts were seen in men’s collections by Bluemarble, White Mountaineering and Lemaire, with floral and abstract prints being the most widely used. Cotton was the main fabrication, but Heuritech saw some variations in mesh and velvet.

Long-sleeve versions were more popular in women’s collections by brands like Rhude and Nanushka.

Diffusion Dye

Button-down shirts were a popular canvas for diffusion dyes—a new and softer take on traditional tie-dye. “Coincidentally, it also works well with the popular pastel trend,” Heuritech stated.

The dye technique’s gentle color transitions are in keeping with the overall easy-going beach vibe seen in collections by MSGM and Oamc. While Casablanca made a strong case for diffusion dyed chiffon dresses, Heuritech named shorts and pants the most popular garments in women’s wear. Pants and tops were a favorite way to use the dye in men’s wear.

Short Shorts

Shorts got even shorter for men. “Clearly taking their inspiration from sportswear with elasticated waistbands and roomy silhouettes, short shorts were present throughout the men’s wear shows,” Heuritech reported.

The leg-baring silhouettes were also a canvas for other vacation-friendly trends such as pastel purple (as seen in Sean Suen’s collection) and knit (as seen in Wales Bonner’s collection).

Ribbed knit variations dominated women’s collections. “The handcrafted nature of knitted shorts makes them the perfect inclusion for the carefree vacation mode trend with sustainability, slow-fashion and natural textiles being core to this look,” Heuritech stated.