Kingpins Shows, Managing Director
Vivian Wang
Kingpins Shows, Managing Director


Vivian Wang is the heart of Kingpins' global initiatives.

Deep Dive

A true denim industry devotee, Vivian Wang spearheads all of the Kingpins Shows’ global initiatives, from New York to Amsterdam and Hong Kong.

Focused on curating a truly unique and tailored mix of exhibitors that best serve each show and market, Wang pulls from her own history on the brand side of the business to identify the players and trends that will move the industry forward.

With a degree from Los Angeles’ Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising and work with labels like Lucky Brand, Citizens of Humanity, Seven Jeans, J Brand and Goldsign under her belt, Wang uses her expertise and passion to facilitate connections and inspire sustainable change.

What will the denim industry be like in the next 18 months?

I see big corporations restructuring, brands seeking for new formats and designers paying more attention to circularity and upcycling. This is a period for resetting and being open-minded, exploring new ideas.

On a more personal level, I think there is a lot of pain and uncertainty among my denim industry peers. My fear is that the industry will lose some of the people that have helped to bring innovation, authenticity and passion to our community.

What changes would you like to see in the denim industry as a result of Covid-19?

I think our dependency on each other along the entire supply chain and across all borders has never been more clear. I hope that this spurs collaboration at all levels, from technology makers to mills, garment makers, brands and designers.

How do you define sustainability in a post-pandemic world?

I have been very inspired by slow fashion and the idea of crowd action. People have spent so much time with themselves during the pandemic. We’re all finally going through our closets for the first time in many years, having a good look at ourselves in front of the mirror. We’re asking ourselves “Do I really want another piece of clothes that will sit in the closet after wearing it just a few times? Or do I want to own something that is going to last because it is well-made, or because I’m using my purchase to support ethical, fair-trade or socially-responsible production?”

Describe your dream jeans.

Dream jeans are ones that you know will complement your body and make you feel good about yourself every time you wear them. They should be timeless. The older they get, the more beautiful they will be.

What is your most worn pair of jeans, and why?

Rag & Bone’s Dre skinny boyfriend jean is my favorite pair, worn and faded with repair stitches by The JeanShop. I can easily dress them for any occasion. That’s why I wore them for my feature in the Denim Dudettes book, because they tell stories and I look great in them!

Name one word that best describes denim.