G-Star RAW, Denim and sustainability expert
Adriana Galijasevic
G-Star RAW, Denim and sustainability expert


G-Star RAW's denim and sustainability expert, Adriana Galijasevic, has a wealth of knowledge she wants to share with the industry.

Deep Dive

As G-Star RAW’s denim and sustainability expert, Adriana Galijasevic has become the consummate team player. Her role is interdepartmental of nature, working with the design, research and development team and other departments to implement sustainable material targets and circular economy innovations within G-Star’s collections.

“To accomplish this, I focus on driving sustainable research and leading circular product innovation as well as stimulating internal and external education,” she explained.

The launch of the brand’s “Most Sustainable Jeans Ever” last year, along with helping create the world’s first Cradle to Cradle Certified Gold denim fabric was not only a breakthrough for the industry, but also a highlight of Galijasevic’s G-Star career. “The experience has been incredible, in terms of remarkable teamwork both internally and externally, establishing unparalleled levels of transparency along the supply chain and sharing of our knowledge with the industry,” she said.

Why are you drawn to denim?   

I am drawn to denim because it is full of paradoxes. It is mass produced, yet hand touched. It’s universal, yet unique. It merges creativity, science, engineering and technology—all the disciplines I am very fond of. Besides that, just like art and music, denim holds a fascinating power to blur divisional boundaries, to inspire and to unite people. Denim as a fabric transcends all ages, genders, ethnicities, all social and economic backgrounds.

How can the supply chain improve the way it communicates sustainable technology to brands?  

I think this conversation is a two-way street. It’s not only that suppliers have to communicate to the brands. Brands also have to share their vision and their knowledge with their supply chain in order to move things forward together.

How do you predict the denim supply chain will change in the next 10 years?

Within the next decade, the denim industry supply chain has the potential to become the cleanest and most transparent supply chain in the fashion industry.

What makes the denim supply chain unique from other apparel sectors?

It’s a subculture that has a strong influence on the rest of the fashion industry.

What’s exciting you about denim in 2019?  

At G-Star RAW, we are proud to bring the world’s first Cradle to Cradle Certified Gold stretch denim fabric to the market, because this innovation represents yet another healthy building block for a circular denim product economy. We are eager to continue to work on expanding our circular design toolbox.