Denim Institute Milano, Owner
Cristian Murianni
Denim Institute Milano, Owner


Cristian Murianni of the Denim Institute Milano is keeping denim traditions alive.

Deep Dive

While innovations in speed, sustainability and fabrics are necessary to secure the denim industry’s future, jeans remain a product that calls for craftsmanship and tradition.

Both were common themes in Cristian Murianni’s previous projects, including the trade show, Denim Boulevard, and magazine, The Overall. Nowadays, as owner of Denim Institute Milano, Murianni aims to bridge denim’s roots and its future through courses dedicated to workwear, laundry, denim fashion and more. Through the institute, the traditions of the denim industry are passed down to a new generation of designers and artists, preserving the expertise and knowledge of the denim experts that preceded them.

Why are you drawn to denim?   

I grew up in the ’70s in Italy during which American culture was very present. It brought us films, advertisement, commodities and a lifestyle that were very fascinating. Denim was a class distinction piece for the working and middle classes. Since I was little, I was wearing denim. At the age of 7, I was even selected as a model for a Wrangler advertisement. This is how it started.

How can brands improve the way they communicate sustainable stories to consumers?  

I believe certifications are an important factor in the process of communicating sustainable production. Regulation systems are necessary for building trust and control possibilities for customers.

What was the last denim garment you purchased?

A pair of Kapital jeans. Even if I am a collector of historical pieces I am also fascinated how brands communicate their own style. I bought it online from Japan. Kapital is a great example for integrating denim heritage to new products. To me, the reuse of vintage garments is also a method for sustainability.

Which city has the most inspiring street style?   

Los Angeles. You see different styles mixed up from surf, skate, motorcycle and sports. Vintage clothing has also a strong influence in the way of dressing there.

What’s exciting you about denim in 2019?

I love the original fading of selvedge denim and the natural indigo blue.