ArtMeetsChaos, founder
Donwan Harrell
ArtMeetsChaos, founder

Deep Dive

Though his experience spans Nike and Lee, denim veteran Donwan Harrell is best known for the 16 years he served as the head of his own label, Prps, a premium Japanese denim brand for men and women. Despite his attempts at keeping a low profile—he’s said that he intentionally left the U.S. to launch the brand in the early ’00s—he’s credited for bringing Japanese luxury denim jeans to America. The label quickly garnered a following thanks to its unparalleled attention to detail.

When Harrell exited the company in 2018, he immediately shifted his focus to other pursuits. One of these new ventures was a new label, ArtMeetsChaos, a streetwear label that extends beyond denim. Harrell continues to fail at keeping a low profile, already amassing 14.5k Instagram followers on the brand’s page.

Another pursuit that Harrell was able to explore during life after Prps was one close to his heart: an incubator for young minorities. The project operates out of a space in New Jersey where Harrell carries out his own merchandising and designing activities. By working with local schools, he aims to teach students about the ins and outs of the industry and provide them with a platform for creative experimentation. He has said that this initiative, along with his own efforts to become less anonymous, will help inspire Black youth as they pursue their own creative passions.