EB Denim, founder
Elena Bonvicini
EB Denim, founder

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Elena Bonvicini discovered the appeal of upcycled denim before it became her generation’s pandemic hobby. The founder and designer of EB Denim, a Los Angeles-based brand that focuses on producing upcycled and sustainably manufactured jeans, came up with her brand after noticing a gap in the vintage denim market between women’s and men’s jeans. Where there was a huge supply of men’s jeans, there was a finite and expensive supply of women’s jeans. To bridge that gap, Bonvicini started reworking vintage men’s jeans into women’s jeans until eventually scaling her business to what is known today as EB Denim. 

The entrepreneur stepped into further into the denim world last year when she introduced EB’s first range of jeans made with brand-new fabrics. Bonvicini tapped Artistic Milliners for the collection, using the mill’s cotton and recycled cotton blend fabrics, along with its Crystal Clear indigo dyeing process, which uses an organic fixing agent that requires no salt and 70 percent fewer chemicals than conventional indigo dyeing methods. The jeans are then washed at Star Fades International located in Los Angeles.

EB Denim ticks off all the boxes of a brand on the rise. Centered on freedom and creative expression, the brand touts A-list clients like Bella Hadid, Megan Fox, and Hailey Bieber and high-end retail partners like Selfridges, Bergdorf and Fred Segal. 

What denim buzzword do you think is overused? And what would you replace it with?

Sustainability, eco and green. I think these terms will be replaced with “responsible,” and over time these methods will become standard practice.

What do you wish more consumers knew about the jeans they buy?

How much technology and thought goes into bringing jeans into the world.

If you had one request for denim brands, what would that be?

Enough with the sandblasting and PP Spray. Also check in on your supply chain to make sure garment workers are being taken care of.

What can other apparel categories learn from the denim industry?

The denim category is inherently limited in fabrics and silhouettes, but fabric manipulation goes way beyond any other category.

What was your most recent denim purchase?

Lots and lots of fabric.

What is your first denim memory?

The first thing that comes to mind is a photograph of me outside of my house when I was about six years old. I was wearing a Canadian tuxedo pouting next to a little pink Barbie roller suitcase. For whatever reason, I decided I was going to leave home and take on the world alone. I believe this photograph foreshadowed my career path.