Artistic Denim Mills Ltd., CEO
Faisal Ahmed
Artistic Denim Mills Ltd., CEO

Deep Dive

Led by CEO Faisal Ahmed, Artistic Denim Mills Ltd. (ADM) has seen its fair share of expansion over the past year, with the denim manufacturer opening a new facility in Pakistan that produces 100,000 kg of yarn per day. This is enough to produce 250,000 yards of fabric a day. The vertically integrated denim manufacturer also entered a strategic partnership with Recover to use the firm’s certified and traceable recycled cotton in fabric collections. The multi-year partnership enables ADM to scale its use of recycled cotton from post-consumer denim and bolster transparency in the process.

“This is something very tangible that consumers can relate to, and we are able to create beautiful and affordable products that customers love,” Ahmed said. “We are in a time of great opportunity to scale and achieve a massive positive impact.”

ADM’s investments in innovation are powering some of the most buzzed-about collections, including DL1961’s Digital Tag Project, which is a QR code on the inside waist of its jeans that allows consumers access to information about the garment’s journey from fiber to finished garment. The company recently collaborated with the premium denim brand on a sustainable denim exhibit in London. The event included an immersive “Indigo” exhibit that featured five zones covering life on the factory floor, as well as a “fiber forest” that featured ADM’s fiber partners Recover and Tencel.