Foxhole LA, Owners
Fox & Jeff Garza
Foxhole LA, Owners


Foxhole LA owners Fox and Jeff Garza are a match in vintage denim heaven.

Deep Dive

Foxhole LA, the Los Angeles-based vintage denim, repair and customization shop, is made from a marriage of interests. Owned by husband and wife team, Fox and Jeff Garza, the store combines Fox’s love for denim—the process, the fabric, its history—with the retail know-how of Jeff, who owned his own skate shop.

At Foxhole, shoppers can mine through racks for blue gold, or pick up unconventional denim items, like upcycled denim motorcycle blankets, purses and pillows. The Garzas also provide savvy denim-lovers with custom-fitted pieces and restore aged denim items to their former glory.

“She’s taught me a lot and we’re always learning new stuff together,” Jeff said of his wife. “I am proud of what our combined powers have created.”

Why are you drawn to denim?

Jeff: Who isn't drawn to denim? Denim is a key part of history, which is super special. It helped shape and build our country and has been used for utility for over 100 years. Now, it’s worn to five-star restaurants and red carpet events. It can be repaired and repaired, and just gets better with age. It's strong as hell, and at the same time, can make a lady look sexy as can be.

What is the biggest challenge that you’ve had to overcome as a retailer?

Jeff: The internet has definitely made it more challenging for retailers. Having a store that a client or customer feels excited to go to for the entire experience is definitely something Foxhole strives to be.

What do you wish you would see more of from denim brands?

Jeff: We would love to see more uniqueness—a lot of items out there feel duplicative. Don't copy, be inspired and evolve with creativity.

Why do you think your customers return?

Jeff: Quality customer service. Our slogan is, "When you look good, we feel great!"

What’s exciting you about denim in 2019?

Jeff: In the vintage world, it’s nice that we are moving through different decades of denim and are not just stuck in one. We love seeing denim innovation within sustainability as well as people’s love and interest in repurposing denim that they already love.