Katy Al-Rubeyi

Story Mfg., Co-founder

Katy Al-Rubeyi’s Story mfg. is rooting its fashion in nature and social good.

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Bilgehan "Hans" Ates

Blackhorse Lane Ateliers, Founder

Han Ates is of the belief that less is more in both the design and production processes.

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Laura Balmond

Ellen MacArthur Foundation, Make Fashion Circular project manager

For the Ellen MacArthur Foundation (EMF), jeans are just the starting point for fashion’s circular future.

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Salli Deighton

Denim development consultant

Salli Deighton envisions a sustainable future for denim, even at the mass merchant level.

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Claire Ford

Claire Ford Consultancy, Director

Claire Ford applies her millennial sensibility to her sustainable denim designs.

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Dr. Andrew Jordan

Jordan & Associates, Consultant

Dr. Andrew Jordan is helping to to tell the story of the wider U.S. cotton industry.

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Kara Nicholas

Elevate Textiles, Vice President of Marketing

As vice president of marketing for Elevate Textiles, Kara Nicholas helps craft the stories of a suite of textile trailblazers.

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Ida Petersson

Browns, Buying Director

Under Ida Petersson's sartorial eye, Browns is evolving with the next generation of consumers.

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Mohsin Sajid

Denim History, Founder

For Mohsin Sajid, education is the backbone to a more responsible denim industry.

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