Mary Bruno

Life After Death Denim, Founder

Mary Bruno is striking out on her own with a sustainability mission.

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Dan Feibus

Vidalia Mills Co., CEO

Vidalia Mills Co. CEO Dan Feibus is setting an example for business owners with Made in USA dreams.

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Howard Gee

AB Fits, Founder

A deep knowledge of fit and fabric earned Howard Gee a long-loyal customer base.

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Jean Hegedus

The Lycra Company, Director of sustainability

Jean Hegedus' work within the denim industry has heightened awareness of the need for more sustainable solutions.

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Yul Ku

AG Jeans, CEO

Through mask production and donations, AG Jeans stepped up to support local Covid-19 relief efforts.

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Amy Leverton

Denim Dudes, Founder

Amy Leverton is gearing up for design projects that bring her back to her professional origins.

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Maurice Malone

Maurice Malone, Creative Designer and Principal Owner

Maurice Malone's designs are at the apex of where craftsmanship and streetwear meet.

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Robert McMillan

Dearborn Denim, Owner

Robert McMillan made it his mission to ensure that his company filled a gap in the market: denim cut and...

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Jill Perilman

Liverpool Jeans, Co-founder and Design Director

Jill Perilman is the creative force behind Liverpool Jeans' popular women’s collection.

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Frank Pizzuro

Brooklyn Denim Co., Founder

Frank Pizzuro's one-stop-shop for denim is a favorite of New Yorker denim heads.

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Tracy Sun

Poshmark, Co-Founder and Senior Vice President of New Markets.

With 60 million members, Poshmark is changing the way consumers perceive pre-owned fashion.

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Julie Wainwright

The RealReal, Founder and CEO

Julie Wainwright used her e-commerce acumen to bring the world of consignment to the online masses.

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Vivian Wang

Kingpins Shows, Managing Director

Vivian Wang is the heart of Kingpins' global initiatives.

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